Kitty-chan Matsuri♪♪♪

2013-01-09 21:34:11


Good Eveningーdokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


From now, it’s a kitty-chan festival XD


The Christmas present from Fukuchan, the Kitty-chan hood



It’s cute and warm so it’s one of my favoirtes dnote




The kitty-chan hood from the photoshoot for the magazine KERA pinkheart


NyanNyan dokidoki


Even my hands were cuteーdokidoki






Cute is Justice


And, the real kitty-chan, Seera XD XD XD


Turned over Seera, the hand is Big sis-chan dmheart




From under the TV, Good Afternoon




Cozy on the futon, OyaSeera



With that, this was the kitty-chan festival~


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Tower Records☆

2013-01-09 16:13:54
Theme:Morning Musume。


Good Morning


I really really slept yot yot yot


Yesterday was the Tower Records event



The right most one is me



Morning Musume。’s goal this year !



Aim For! National Conquest!


That’s it!!!!



Let’s do events and handshakes in all 47 divisions of the country! that’s our goal dokidoki


I look forward to being able to meet with everyone in the countryXD


And to eat all the nations yummy food maybe~qmark note


Today, we’re doing a handshake event in Ario Kawaguchi


Those of you who have time, by all meansーdmheart


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2013-01-08 22:35:37


My 9th solo photobook title and release day has been decided so I’ll announceee it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



The title is…




It’s read,




That’s it XD pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart


There’s a cake called Mirufiiyu (Mille-feuille) right?!


Mille-feuille, it’s one cake made from sheets and sheets of pie crust piled up



My photobook too,
yot* Beauty yot is many fold piled up into each copy of the photobook


It means it was done with that kind of sense to it



The release day is 1/25 !!


Everyone, by all means please check it out


It was taken in Okinawa~ The beach was pretty~ blackspark


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How I Spent New Year’s Eve And New Year’s Day

2013-01-08 12:15:40


With the concerts that started on the 2nd too, for now it’s calmed down so,


I’ll write about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day pinktwinkle pinktwinkle pinktwinkle



From New Year’s Eve, I went home to my hometown, Yamaguchi prefecture


Yamaguchi had snowーーー



It was really cold !!



It’s been awhile since I’ve had my Grandma-chan’s food dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki
It was so yummy
Grandma-chan’s black soy



In the picture, it’s questionable though, lol
the flavor is yummy pinktwinkle


The ichigo daifuku I wanted to put up the other day


And, Grandma-chan made each one by hand



The sukiyaki I put up the other day


These ingredients are the vegetables that Grandma-chan raised in the fieldyot


So, it was veーーーry fresh, and yummy blackspark


Grandma-chan thanks dmheart


Because we’re in Yamaguchi, we had fugu too XD



It was yummy up up up



In Grandpa-chan’s room…



Sayumi’s photobooks and, magazines Sayumi’s appeared in, lo~ts of them pinkheart



For Grandpa-chan and Grandma-chan too, I’m gonna do my best with work ! ! ! !


I love them dokidoki


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2013-01-07 19:39:13


I had photoshoots and interviews for the magazine “smart”


From smart we got cake yot


Cute~dokidoki Happiness~dokidoki


Thank you so much dheart XD


The photoshoot was together with this girl



Sayashi Rihoriho~


Today’s Rihoriho somehow had a different kind of tension than normal


Just in some way or another though sparkly



smart releases on 1/24
Please do us the favor heart


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2013-01-07 12:20:40


Today is the release of



“Weekly Playboy”


Sayumi’s in it too heart



By all means, please check it out !!



The outfit was…






The all red beret hat is a cyutie yot yot


The leopard print skirt too dokidoki


the photoshoot was funーup


Check it out kay


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Happy Birthday

2013-01-07 11:56:56
Theme:Morning Musume。


Today, 1/7


is Morning Musume。 10th gen member, Ishida Ayumi-chan’s birthday


Ayumiーn, happy birthday


Ayumi whose dancing is very good pinktwinkle


Nxt time teach me kay (lol)




Have a wonderful year dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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Five Days!!!

2013-01-06 22:36:50


Good Work Everyoeーーーpinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart



Nakano Sun Plaza!!!!


Five Days in a row of concerts!!!!


have safely finished dnote dnote


Today, we had three shows heart


I was fired up dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



It was fun!


Everyone who came dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki
Everyone who’s cheering us on dmheart dmheart dmheart


Thank you so much blackspark


Today for sure, I’m gonna plopthud BatanKyuーーXD


↑Wrーong angle(lol) makes you laugh huh~


This, it’s the outfit from the goods this time dokidoki


Isn’t it just KyawaKyawa Cyutieyutie? yot yot yot



This kind of pure white coat, it’s wonderful dokidoki blackspark blackspark blackspark


Ah, that’s right,
Winter break, it was until today huh??



From tomorrow, it’s full-blown back to school and work huh…


Everyone please do your best kay


Sayumi will do her best tooーーー


Everyone let’s do our bestーー


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2013-01-06 08:55:20


Good Morning


This Morning, when I left home, I hurried off while it was still dark outside (lol)








When you pull one out, Happy! Just one has a message dokidoki


Well, from the first one I pulled, there was a messages dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


A Happy event…Mmm dokidoki Today’s concert XD pinkheart


I’ll do my best


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2013-01-05 23:45:20


Today’s concert was also really funn note dokidoki


For the Nakano Sun Plaza dressing room…


Tanaka Reina-chan and,
Mano Erina-chan and,
Mitsui Aika-chan and,


These four


With these four, we have harmonious friendly talk dmheart


An all of the dressing room + Iikubo Harunan dokidoki picture




Such a fun looking atmosphere~dmheart dmheart dmheart dmheart





But, just Mano-chan has a kinda fake smile?(lol)


we talked about it,



and that said, we need to break in more, and take another picture~that’s what happened XD XD XD XD



Mmm, Reina and Harunan broke in too muchー(lol)


It’s cuteーthough


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