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『Tsugunaga Momoko Last Live
ハートThank You Otomomochiハート
I saw it!




Momochi was cuteピンクハート




With Momoko-chan, in the past we had cute showdowns but
for just yesterday, I acknowledge defeat (lol)





WHat, let it be a joke!





Momochi’s last live,
It very much filled my chest😭




Momochi’s determination just pakcded in to it you know, the Momochi live felt like that,
It was Momochi like, Only Momochi could do it, it’s because of Momochi being Momochi that it was a wonderful live!!





Momochi’s expression, singing voice, actions, all of it was fantasticラブラブ






For 15 years, you’ve probably had a fill of harsh things and hard things that you’ll never express in words, you won’t express them, really I feel like you were always smiling.





For yesterday’s last live too, she was constantly full throttle idol smile!
It’s a smile that swallows up everyone who’s watching!
She’s a really a pro huh… once again I felt that, it was that kind of live.






Thank you, Momochiピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




For 15 years, really a Job Well Done!!!!




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Appare Kaitenzushi!

2017-06-29 17:00:39




The other day you know! I went to Kura Sushiー寿司






Osushu is yummyーー音符


Right now, Kura Sushi-san,




is doing a collabo with Pokemon






Each 5 plates you can do one BikkuraPon Gacha gift,
now, for a limited timeキラキラ
there’s Kura Sushi exclusivve Pokemon goodsーーーピンクハート









On this day…




Really nottt verrry muuccch, successes come out笑い泣き




We realllly realllly at it up…ハート








With my friend, the 2 of us




In total










56 plates!!!!💦





We reaaaaaーーーlly ate!!!!!






I was really, really, really, full




It’s been a long time since I’ve been this fullてへぺろ







But of courseハート
With the BikkuraPon
the happiness when I got a hit was all outおねがいおねがいおねがい









I safely got it, thank goodnesssss!!流れ星









Kura Sushi, they’re yummy and fun, it’s the best you knowピンクハート星ピンクハート星
You end with a smile, everyone’s delightedルンルン









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2017-06-28 20:59:18





Whaaーt is this流れ星流れ星流れ星???














The answer isピンクハート


A mini-tableハート




It’s cute…ラブ



It’s SWIMMER-sanハートハート





With animals and ribbon patterns and stuff, they are filled with cute goodsトイプードルオッドアイ猫ネザーランド・ドワーフ🎀




Since I was in elementary school I’ve been indebted to themポーチ鏡クシ






That SWIMMER-san,




It seems they won’t be around anymore next year…😭




Loneliness 😭😭😭







This time for me,
a mini-table and,
flake stickers, I got bothお願い
With my friend we bought one bag of each different types,
and split them evenlyおすましペガサスおすましスワン






And, I bought masking tape tooーぽってりフラワー
I’ll show it some day💕 I’ll take pride in ti💕💕










And then you know!
Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chan
when she came to see my Saisei performance, she gave me SWIMMER goods as a present tooラブラブラブラブ



Mechanical pencils and stamps照れ



And a realllly cute pouch tooくもり虹くもりくもり霧ウサギいちごオレンジさくらんぼキラキラ
It’s my favorite to use as a carry around pencil boxピンクハート








Thank youうさぎ右矢印上矢印ぽってり苺






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2017-06-28 14:16:38





Hello!Project’s new formations,
on the 26th’s Hello!Ste (Hello!Project’s YouTube Show), they announced it huh.
Hello!Ste, I watched it too but
it was DokiDoki heart-pounding huh~!!



For the 20th anniversary this year Morning Musume。’17,
from Country・Girl’s Morito Chisaki-chan is doing to be part of them co-currently!


My impressions of Morito-chan is,



She’s cute and comfortingぽってりフラワー
she has lovely featuresぽってり苺
A look that see to the core!乙女のトキメキ



She’s someone you can’t take your eyes off of, like “She’s still got many ways to grow from here you know?”!



Do your best Morito-chanピンクハート




I’m looking forward to Morning Musume’17, and Hello!Project very much from here!!




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There weren’t really that many of the thing I wanted in the store



Searching the store over and over all over



Going around once more if it’s not there I’ll ask the clerk!!!!




I decided that in my heart, and in the last round




I found the thing I wanted





It’s me in a good mood〜♡♡ (And there was 1 left)




The clerk looked busy so I’m glad I found it on my own!






I don’t have pictuers of what I bought yet s





In exchange a self-shotニコニコ






It’s from todayー!!



It’s a self-shot from about 5 seconds after the self-shot I put up earlier!



lol lol








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Well the other day!




I once again went bowling!!💖ボーリング






Last time, with the reason being that it was the first time in a while, I scored 55 but…





this time my score was…















Mmーhmm, well… it’s not something you’d take pride then though huhショボーン





But well





Compared to last time it’s rapid growth right?100点







This time, I don’t have pictures bowling so,






In exchange, here’s a self-shotニコニコ
It’s not from when I went bowlingー!






It’s from todayーーーラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ










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Special Feature〜♪

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Good Morning!




For this morning, I started with apple juice and yogurtハートりんご
It’s Michishige Sayumiピンクハートさくらんぼ





Since 2/11 this year I started the yogurt lifeブルー音符





Thanks to that
Really every day I’m energetic!キラキラ very energetic!!キラキラキラキラ




Yogurt is yummy you knowラブラブラブラブ







And going with that
I’m gonna give you a special feature on recent yummy things拍手ハートハート






First off, potato chipsキラキラ
Grandma-chan had sent me potatoes that we used,
Big sis-chan fried themてへぺろ










I’m passionate about the yumminess of Calbee’s 『Poterico』 foods, I love them
ハートハートハート(Especially the cheese flavor) but



are yummy tooラブ








…Comparing that I opened this special feature



There’s only 2 pictures that I’ve put up!! lol




And it’s a little sided on potato things you know!?







Well, for balance I want to be up around 3 pictures of food too and well so,




From the previous blog



I’ll put up a picture from when I was on break and went to eat with my dadーーピンクハートハート





The day I ate quiche you know! On that day




It was close to my dad’s birthday so,
at the place we celebrated my dad’s birthdayバースデーケーキショートケーキチョコ










The yummy things special feature is finishedーーーパーグラサン



And putting up 3 pictures I’m satisfiedーー!!





Let’s do our best this week too kayーー星チューリップ義理チョコ







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My big sis-chan made quicheーラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ



It was really good爆笑爆笑爆笑








Speaking of quicheナイフとフォーク




While I was on break, when I went to eat with my dad,
at the place quiche came out, and we ate it together but…




Me: 『The quiche here is yummy huhもぐもぐ




Dad: 『Eh!!?? Tissue!?!?びっくり
(While pointing at the place’s paper napkins)
[tl note: quiche spoke in Japanese is said like “Kisshu”]



Me: 『Quiche!!!!!もぐもぐ




Dad: 『Aa爆笑 Fishuうお座
(Pointing at the fish carpaccio in front of him)




Me: 『Quiche!!!!!ムキー




This was a conversation that happenedルンルン







Another memory with my dad while I was on break,
I went along to my dad’s hobby, tennisテニス




I lightly sweated a little
And in the car on the way home
with the smartphone’s front-side camera, I though I’d fix up my bangs, and looking with the front-side camera





My own face looked pretty tired, and because I was smiling I accidentally hit the shutter,


It’s a picture from that time (lol)








It had been a while since I had moved my body like that so I seemed worn out ニヤリlol









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Good Morning爆笑




It’s morning huh!クッキー Friday yah!うお座 Let’s write a blogー!風船







Looking at the title, for sure you all
thought the topic of the blog is going to be, “I saw a movie” right?? You thought that right??








Really going with the title, I’m writign a blog on the topic of a movie I saw, you know!!!!










Saying, what’s the movie you saw?
It’s 『22nenme no Kokuhaku - Watashi ga Satsujinhan Desu-』 [tl: My 22nd Year’s Confession – I’m a Murderer]!!





It was interesting!!!




But, it was scary!!!💦




But, it was interesting!!!!





During the movie it was DokiDoki heart-pounding all the time!
What’s happening!? The truth!!?? Ehーーーー!!、Ahー!! So then that time!!!!
It felt like thatキラキラ





I want to write more of my thoughts but, it’d end up being spoilers soガーン





It went by in a flash you know〜キラキラキラキラ



Even at the movie theater the same as usual I love cafe latteおねがいハート









And, on this day ハートfrom the movie theaterハートハート
They were selling these Beauty and the Beast stickers so without a thought I end up buying themーーーーー赤薔薇ピンク薔薇ドレス



The top and bottom, the atmosphere? taste? is different with these stickers!!ラブラブ










After that on this day,
I took a PuriKura with my friendーウインク






I love PuriKura💕



Cause I can just stick them places you know!!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ






My desire to sticker things doesn’t stopラブ









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2017-06-21 16:45:48



Today, it kinda seems cold so I wore long sleevesピンク音符
Though you don’t get the long sleeve prat in the picture (lol)




For me, this picture is still my morning faceーニヤリ




And, going outside, it was more rain than I imagined傘






For today, all over the place has big rain and so…




Is everyone okay???




From here on there are places that it’s going to get even more intense too I think 💦




Please be careful kay!!




I hope nothing gets damaged…





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