Opening Day♡

2018-03-21 01:38:37









It was opening dayyyピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート







Everyone who came,
Everyone giving your support,
Really thank you so muchうさぎハート








The stage was fun yah!!!!
Getting to see everyone made me happy yah!!!!
I love singing and dancing yah!!!!!






I’m filled with those kind of feelingsラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ



It’s continuing on,
I’ll give it my all!!!!ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートハートハートハート












I have all kinds of feelings but
I’m at the limit of my sleepiness…(lol)


I’m sorry💦





I’m going to take a bathー!
I’m looking forward to Sayuminglandoll tomorrow too yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート









Thank you truly…♡




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2018-03-19 17:52:33








The goods have been releasedハートハートハート




You can see them hereピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








You can see them from the official site tooピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








I want to bring these aーll out myself!!
I said that and then they were madeピンクハートハートピンクハートハート











It’s on Tshirts and lots of other goods


this time’s


リボンリボンリボンSAYU Logoリボンリボンリボン










This, just like the show logo, was designed for me by Aoyagi Kaoru-san!!



It’s reaaaally cute
I look at it all the timeハート




Each of the alphabets are done with different flowersガーベラ
Each of them have significanceーガーベラガーベラガーベラガーベラ



It makes me happyラブラブラブラブ









The other goods too, I want to explain each of them all one by one so much but… lol lol





But today I don’t have much time so,
someday I want to do it kayーラブラブラブラブラブラブイエローハーツイエローハーツイエローハーツ










And coming up!
「Akashiya Sanma-san’s Complex Cup」 
星空Night 7:00-9:48
キラキラTVAsahi Stations broadcast 





It was very funny!
By all means please watchハートイエローハートピンクハートグリーンハート













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2018-03-19 09:45:21



It’s been 1 year since Michishige Saisei!






1 year ago today, 3/19, my first stage in 2 years and 4 months…
In anycase that day
I was nervous, my nerves were bad but…アセアセ





Unbelievable it’s 1 year late today and,
from tomorrow shows are starting and so,
I’m nervous, just nervous…アセアセ lol






that is something I’m very grateful for you know💞





1 year ago,
On stage reuniting with everyoneピンクハート




And once again from tomorrow I’ll get to see everyone again, that’s why yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






Standing on stage
getting to meet everyone
really it’s a joy.
I’m filled with feelings of gratitude from my heart!
Really thank you
Thank you so muchハート









For me of course
the time in the same space with everyone is my number 1 joy♡






And so from my heart


I’m glad I did my Saiseiピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


that’s how I feel.







From everyone too
that, “I’m glad you did your Saisei,”
and, “I’m glad I’m supporting you,” so you can think that I’ll do my best from here on as wellキラキラ









And then my personal goal is,
to get a little more positive! lol




When work finishes,
I go, “I wonder if I did okay today, there was probably more I could do wasn’t there?” I get anxious and down,
Next time I should do this or do that, I reflect on it like that yah, for days.



Even getting down,
I feel like I want to switch over quickly, and spend every day with a smileピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




Well sometimes, there are days where I go, “Oh I did good today huhー! I totally got it huhー!” and are too positive too though huh lol  











I am like this but
from here on too please continue to support meうさぎラブラブ









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2018-03-17 21:44:52




At rehearsals
I’m usually wearing a hoodie over a Tshirt so,
kinda recently I’ve got lots of hoodie self-shots I thinkー!?
(On insta and stuff tooドキドキ)












Recently seemingly every day
I start with coriander, and I’m ending with coriander!



I really like coriander yah!!!!グリーンハート







But coriander
it’s split between like and hate right?




But I like coriander so much, I just don’t know how people who hate it feel ya knowー…






For my friends that hate coriander



when we go have nabe or something together



They tell me, don’t but coriander in it!



and I’m thinking, but I want to put coriander in it! and yet




at times like that, for my friends coriander is,
like mint is for me!
I’m thinking of it like that…グリーンハーツ





Mint nabe and stuff, I just don’t like it….




Thinking of it like that




Of course!!!!!
I won’t put any in!!!!!




I can think of it like thatグリーンハートグリーンハートグリーンハート







What’s with this story!! lol








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Official Site ♡Logo♡

2018-03-17 09:24:06



Performances starting 3/20, 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Shukumei~』’s official site,






From Saisei last time,



it’s changed to Shukumei this time!!!!!!











(If the plage displayed hasn’t completely changed from the Saisei performances, please refresh the page. Challenging it over and over again, it’ll be Shukumei performances!)









And and
on the official site too






This logo here yah!!流れ星
It was designed by illustrator・designer Aoyagi Kaoru-san!








It’s got daily items lined up to be cute alphabets, and there’s parts of it that are connected significantly to these Shukumei performances too!
I like the coloring too鏡




Getting this kin dof cute and fantastic logo made makes me very happy!!!!ラブラブ











The opening day is two days after tomorrow!!!!キラキラ









It’s DokiDoki heart-pounding but
Getting to see everyone is right now what will make me most happyピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート









All of them are double peaceチョキチョキ






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2018-03-16 12:01:29



Today, 22:00〜22:45
「Hyadain no GirlPop!」
I get to appear as guest with Yoshizawa Hitomi-sanキラキラ





The talk was very fun!キラキラキラキラ
Please listen to it kayーラブラブラブラブ








Bus tour pictures, I’ll be out of them soonー!
The 1 entry 1 bus rule also came at the right time…
I’m a little sad nowアセアセ



I want to do another bus tourー yaーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートハートハートハート





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Show Coming Soon!

2018-03-12 23:44:55




Good Evening!!!!イエローハート



Happening 3/20, the show,








It’s about 1 week until shows!!??流れ星




I’m really Dokidoki heart-poundingーー!!!!ピンクハート




The venue is, the Cotton Club near the Tokyo station!









general sales have started!!!





※March and April performances are at the URL.








Lately, I’m doing my best every day with rehearsals!
I want to meet everyone soon… thinking that I’ll do my bestピンクハートハート







By all means please come see it kayラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ





















I haven’t had much pictures lately…




At this critical moment it’s all bus tour pictures!











The beret, did you notice it’s reversible? lolブルーハート流れ星








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Complex Sakazuki

2018-03-12 09:14:30





The other day,


ABC (Asahi Broadcast)
『Akashiya Sanma no
Complex Sakazuki』
I went to be part of the recording!!!!





The first variety show for me in a whileキラキラ
A picture before the show!
At the time it the peak of DokiDoki heart-pounding!




The recording was very funピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








The broadcast is,
3/19 (Mon)





Everyone, please watch itキラキラキラキラキラキラ流れ星












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2018-03-07 18:51:05






『Itoshi no Parineko 2
~Neko to Seーra to Watashi~』






The book release has been scheduled猫オッドアイ猫黒猫三毛猫









It’ll be April last year’s release, 『Itoshi no Parineko』’s 2nd volumeニコニコ






For the book composition this time,





猫『If, I were a cat』
with that setup, I got pictures takenー!!
It’s fashion with a cat motif and stuff…ピンクハート




The clothes was really very cute so look forward to it流れ星ピンクハート流れ星ピンクハート







猫After that,
there’s lots of private unreleased pictures with my big sis-chan’s cat 🐱Seーra🐱 and me tooハート







猫Of course
we’re explaining fashionable parineko just like the last oneニコニコ






The release day is,
4/6 Fridayラブラブ








On net bookstores, it seems you can pre-order it from the 8thキラキラキラキラキラキラ




For more details I’ll make an announcement kayラブピンクハート









From more than half a year ago
I took my fill, more than usual, of two shots with Seーra三毛猫ピンクハート




By the way these pictures are
pictures not being used in the book!!!!








A book with lots of Seーra in it coming out makes me pretty happy yahーラブラブ




If you like please look at it kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート












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2018-03-07 10:19:52




With a picture from last night, Good Mornin’!
It’s kinda BosaBosa messy! lol lol





Lately, it’s gotten warm and cold huh.うお座アセアセ
Everyone, your health hasn’t crumbled rightーーー!?








for those of you who have pollen allergies, it seems really tough huh…
I don’t have pollen allergies but, mysteriously I get sneezy. Even though I don’t have pollen allergies…
Those of you with pollen allergies please do take care kayアセアセ










Changing topics but
lately I’ve been loving coriander so much!サラダ


Coriander! Coriander! Coriander!
Big sis-chan and my friends all aren’t good with corianderー
So I can’t mix it into salads, or put it in nabe though you knowー lol
For those times I use it as a condiment for myself!!!!
It’s wonderfulキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ




In vegetables,
I like gardland chrysanthemum and arugula quite a bit but,
I like coriander to a level beyond that!!!!!!グリーンハート









Today too I gonna eat my feel of corianderグリーンハーツグリーンハーツグリーンハーツ












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