2017-06-19 12:22:02



Recently, I’ve gone to eat my beloved steakお願いラブラブ















And, lots of potato上矢印








Hamburger tooハンバーガー
Here too, potato口笛








I ate it with my friend, the 2 of us split it but,
I really ended up full!!!!



But we ate it all without a problemーキラキラキラキラ






That said,
even dessert, properly came at lastー爆笑
This cheesecake,
It’s really big!!!!!



Can you tellー!?



In picture size it’s huge!!!?ピンクハート





it was the most yummーーーy (⌒▽⌒)





Gochisousama Deshitaコッペパンステーキにんじハンバーガーチーズショートケーキ







For today, I wonder what I’ll eat〜ナイフとフォーク♡♡♡♡





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Totally Straight

2017-06-17 09:29:17







Are there people who remember this????パー






I put it up on the blog when I was in Morning Musume。,
One of my favorites,
a giant bear-chan plushieハートハートハート








Of courseハート it’s still here now tooくま








It feels like it’s been a little more than 2 and a half years ago but
It’s toーtally big and toーtally cute乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ









And you know…



Did you notice????パー







My bangs, I cut them totally straightーーーハサミクシ
(Is that not much change?)







For my bangs you knowー, I’m always cutting it myself…






Always after cutting it straight across you know,
with the scissors length? Or the way I use it?
The tips get all BaraBara scaattered , and blend though!!





Weーll this time



Cutting it totally straight



I focused when I cut itガーン








Occasionally having totally straight bangs isn’t bad either huh〜!?イエローハート






that’s what I thought♪





Moreover, if it gets bad having it totally straight, I’ll focus on that, and go with the length of the scissorハサミ





and, thinking that, for now, it’ll be done straight across〜ニコニコ








Well for me,



『Aa, I, have straight bangs huh.』



Thinking that, I went through the days but




『Hey! Your bangs are straight huh!?』




Not 1 person has talked about it like that so




That’s not something that should get written in the blog probablyー huh!!





But you know…






I wrote itハートハート







For reading it, thank you yahハートハートハートハート





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2017-06-16 21:02:35




This letter I went to my grandma-chan when I was an elementary schooler,
it’s appeared〜ピンクハートキラキラ





[tl letter: To Grandma-chan/Happy Birthday! You’re already 70 yah. Next time let’s go to an onsen yah? I want to go to an onsen soon yah? What kind of onsen should we go with huh? From Sayumi]


I wanted to go to an onsen soo much uh!? lol








Grandma-chan, she kept this letter the whole time huh〜ハート


that really makes me happyニコニコ




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2017-06-15 15:50:02


The currently on sale 『GINZA』-sanハイヒール


I’m in itニコニコ







And I got a commmpletely different atmosphere for my make-up and hairstyle from normal!!!!乙女のトキメキ






Outfits with a different atmosphere than usual,
I wore 3 but, of those I’ll show you 1ニコニコ
(For the shoot, it was a shoot having to do with cats猫)
Washing the kitty-chan’s clothesー晴れ







For the shoot, from beginning to end it was DokiDoki heart-pounding!!




It was a me that even I haven’t really seen before so
I ended up nervousドキドキあせる




But, I very much learned a lot!!おねがい







GINZA-san, thank you so much!!キラキラ





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2017-06-14 07:34:34





Since my morning, I’ve been writingブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート


For a long time putting my strength in writing, so my hand’s sore nowタラー


For now it’s break time 笑い泣き



It seems I’ve gone and written enoughhhブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ



Well well
for today what should I write〜??エプロン




For pictures
it’ll be from when I appeared as guest for the °C-ute liveブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート


I always get cute outfits, thank you so muchダイヤモンドダイヤモンドダイヤモンド



The °C-ute poseカメラカメラカメラ


Everyone noticed huhー??
This blog, I’ve only been using light blue emojiブルーハート


Why do you think I did itー????


That is you knowーブルーハート


That is, well you knowーーーーブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート






Today, it’s because it’s Wednesdayブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ
(Trivial huhガーンlol)



Well then, please have a fantastic Wednesdayブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ











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2017-06-13 14:22:01




6/12, °C-ute’s last live!!




『℃-ute Last Concert in Saitama Super Arena ~Thank you team℃-ute~』




In the large venue of Saitama Super Arena
Love from °C-ute, enveloped by the warmth towards °C-ute, during the live I kept getting goosebumps over and over, it was very moving.






At the last live, all of °C-ute were
cute, and cool…
Seeing them on stage each smiling and having fun with their fellow members,
The breakup. It was painful 💦
I ended up filled with the feeling of wanting to see that cute coolness even more, to see more °C-ute after that.





That’s just how… high the 5 of their performances rate, the visual beauty, the strength of their teamwork,
It was already kinda…perfect!!キラキラキラキラ



The unrivaled feeling was amazing!!!!!




Since the time of Hello!Pro Kids, it’s been about 15 years,
I feel like there’s fun things of course, and there’s hard and painful things too.
But, yesterday, on that stage, seeing everyone KiraKira sparkling,
Even with all that, all of °C-ute mutually trusts each other and accepted each other, it’s the result of their efforts huh. Once again I felt that, and respect them from the bottom of my heart.






From here, each will be advancing down their own pathes
And I want each of them to walk a joyous life, all of themハート









And then I,
as Hello!Pro leader before leader Yajima Maimi-chan, I stood on stage as a guest!



With first gen Hello!Pro leader Nakazawa Yuuko-san and
current Hello!Pro leader Wada Ayaka-chan togetherむらさき音符






All of °C-ute, truly a Job Well Done!!



For a fantastic last stage, and moving me a lot…
Thank you so very much照れラブラブ




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A Story from Some Day

2017-06-10 15:07:23



I’m starting a story from some dayニコニコ




In the morning, I curled my hair KuruKuru curlyバレエ




MmhmmハートMy hair in back was FuwaFuwa fluffy it felt great〜鏡





My bangs were weiーrdー!!
serーiously weiーrdー!!



My bands were seriously weird so 😢



If I don’t decide on my bangs I won’t start the dayショボーンハートブレイクハートブレイク





Well you know! At times when I can’t decide on my bangs!
it’s the roots? of the bangs that are out of place, that’s the cause you know〜😢





These days too
even using a dryer and a hair iron ドライヤー
my bangs won’t reaーlly calm downショボーン







For time’s like those!
My solution is流れ星流れ星





A hat (a capキャップ), for 2〜3 minutes, wearing it星星




That’s it爆笑





this, often is the way to do it right!?ニコ






2〜3 minutes later, when I take off the cap,
the out of place bangs adapt to it in a way that feels great ラブラブ








On this day too wearing a cap my bangs were pinned down but,
at that time I didn’t have anything I could do and was free so, I took a picてへぺろ






For the cap, it’s hardly in it at all! lol
It’s mainly my face!!!! lol lol





Andー! Thanks to the cap, my bangs felt like they got good
The hair in back also curled itself a little againバレエ It got FuwaFuwa fluffyリボン
Feeling good I went outキラキラキラキラ







For htis day, I went to eat lunch with friend thoughラブラブ





My friend took a picture for meカメラリボン










Seeing this picture for myself, the foremost thought I had was…







Eh!? My hair is mostly straight yan!!
when did that happenガーン






That’s itタラータラー







It seems with the moisture that it came undone 😅






Thanks to that, I look like I have bed hairくるくる
and, that’s itりんご






Me with my hair being FuwaFuwa fluffy♪ with that feeling it’s a picture of me taking with a smileeee笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き





How lovable huhhhhハート lol







That!? was !? that kind of !? particular day !? storyパーグラサンハートグラサンハートグラサンハート
(Strangely excited)





For today, I wonder what kind of day it’ll be〜うさぎ






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Beauty and the Beast

2017-06-08 08:01:30





Good Morning☀️🍭




I woke up early so, a morning blog ニコニコ





In yogurt, I broke up chocolate cookies into it and ate it, it was so yummy, this is a blog I’m doing while excited by that!!🍪








Well, the other day,
I saw the movie 『Beauty and the Beast』!!!!キラキラ




The Beauty and the Beast animation,
since long ago, I especially loved it among the Disney moviesピンクハート




The live action version was really great too…おねがいラブラブ




Of course, I like the music of Beauty and the Beast!
The song Belle sings while walking the streets in the beginning,
it really got me UkiUki cheery!!音符




There’s scenes that weren’t in the animation too, I enjoyed it ✨✨




Beauty and the Beast, it’s fantastic huhお願いハート



I want to see it again!キラキラ




I saw it with subtitles so, next time I want to see it dubbed too you know〜ニコニコ
And, movie theater popcorn is the bestニコニコニコニコニコニコ
(I’m overwhelmingly in the salt group!!)






Well then, I’m offピンクハート Have a good dayピンクハート






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Cafe Latte

2017-06-05 21:41:07


Lately, I’m a person who loーves cafe latteハート




First off it’s yummy of course
drinking it my body gets this feeling of like Shakiー sharpness爆笑ショートケーキ





The other day you know!
During the SAYUMINGLANDOLL Osaka performances,
I bought a pack of cafe latte from the convenience store and put it in the fridge at the venue then just forgot it and ended up coming home to Tokyo…




When I remembered I was on the way home to Tokyo




“Aーーーー!!!!!!! Cafe latte…”




I cried out ガーン





Then days later!



The staff!



『Since you forgot them in Osaka and went home.』






They bought the same cafe latte, and gave it to me!!




Even though it’s hopeless for me who 100 percent forgot you know!?




To expressly buy replacements for me…






Thank you so muchおねがい







And you know you know! I,
generally, like cafe latte, and am always ordering cafe latte at stores and stuff butピンクハート




I loーve cafe au lait and cappuccino tooラブラブラブラブラブラブ
(I don’t know the differences between them)







With this and that,
the other day Manager-san went,



and bought me the cafe au lait that Manager-san recommends照れ


It was really yummyーーーお願い



The after taste you knowー、
it’s a sweetness like candyイエローハートハートイエローハートピンクハート





Thanks to this cafe au lait, I spent that day Shakiー sharpウインク


Thank you so much!!







After that, 1 more thing,
for the recent hit cafe latte,
it’s the cafe latte I order at the Lawson’s register乙女のトキメキ
I like the amount of milkーーーーてへぺろラブラブラブラブ




Well then laterーーーパーハート



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