So since 12ki joined I’ve been trying to remember their full names and occasionally made errors. Of them the one that gets me hardest is Haruna, which I often just automatically translate as Okata from past experience with hearing the name Okata a lot. I had attempted to make sure I got it right when I remember to double check my work but it came to my attention I had been increasingly doing it to the point of always doing Okata instead of her proper name Ogata.

Sorry for anyone who’s been reading it and honestly didn’t notice. And thank you to the commenter Becca for bringing it to my attention! This just goes to show I’m not infallible. If you notice oddities please let me know. My composition style is based on what you prefer in your translations.

Thank you all for you patience and understanding.

Quick Update

So I had to finish a project for school/work that required I work several hours with little breaks and a very awkward sleep cycle.

As a result I fell behind on blogs. My apologies, I am catching up now, but I’m trying to get them done for mass upload all at once for convenience. Please hold out for me..

Is anyone noticing that I’m not here btw? I haven’t noticed if people are coming…and are concerned…lol.

[Site News] Updates Once Again

Hey Everyone,

I figure I should make another post for everyone who’s coming her just to remind everyone that I am currently the sole translator on the site and am going to be entering into another semester of school. This means timetables are gonna be scrambly, translation quality may go a little typo-y and grammatically awkward if I’m translating while tired, and things like that. But given enough adjustment we’ll be back into a pattern that hopefully keep both you guys and myself happy.

In addition I wouldn’t mind getting any kind of feedback from you guys about things you don’t mind seeing here. We’ve done parts of books, magazine articles, web articles, I mean even back in the day when there was more than me we did fansubs, I mean not speed subs but like fansubs =P. That said is there something you might think you’d come here for besides your friendly regular blog updates. ORRRR maybe you just want more blog updates (lol), I honestly don’t think I can do more but you’re welcome to let me know who you might want to see things done from just so I know things. You shouldn’t have to make an account to post so feel free to just give feedback.

Feedback is helpful and you can consider it a way to make the road to my birthday this year productive =P.

Thanks for your understanding,

P.S. I also considered changing the site design, but time slipped away from me and I couldn’t decide if keeping it this way works as a good tribute to our time never forgotten waiting for Sayu ^^;


Akemashite Omedetou~ *pops little firework streamers*

2014 was a wild year for a lot of us. Aika went abroad, Sayu announced her graduation, Sayu put out a book, Gaki kept disappearing cause of her plays wearing her out, Momusu came to Hawaii for an FC tour, Momusu went to NY, Sayu graduated…

And here I started up translating Aika’s blog, I started translating Sayu’s book, I got my first guest translator to do additional content, Gaki had me freaking out a little disappearing, I freaked out cause we had to move the site, I freaked out when Momusu came here, I freaked out going to NY, and then freaked out for SayuGrad, then still freaked out I started translating two blogs in place of Sayu… in short there were many translations and many freak outs (lol).

But kidding aside, I would like to take this time to thank you all for coming here and enjoying my work. I do this partly out of love for the things I translate and the people I translate, but it wouldn’t be worth much without it helping out someone. I would like to thank you all for your readership, and I hope that we can continue to grow.

I’m sure I’d have more to say but it’s late and there’s translations to be done!

So once again from all of u….I guess that’s just me right now at Nantonaku Translations, thank you once again and please continue to support us from here on as well.


[Site News] In Sayu’s Absence

Hello Readers,

With my long narrative now done, I had to make a decision on what I can do here on this usual blog translation space while Sayu is absent.

After considering the options available and the votes that came in on the last site poll, I am working on setting up translations for Iikubo “Honey” Haruna’s blog entries from this point forward.

It may take a day or two, not just to get into the flow of doing it but also to make the acquisition of the contents and what not as smooth and easy to do as I have it for Sayu/Gaki/Aika right now. In addition it is finals week here at my uni so you know, craziness!

But look forward to it coming soon!

(If you’re a Sayu fan and you have another suggestion for what I can do as well, let me know! I can consider that as well!)

[Site News] Small Outtage

I don’t know if I ever said it blatantly before now, but it is currently planned that I will be away at SayuGrad. A short trip as is necessary to maintain “real life” but once I promised I’d make for myself, my honor for loving Sayu as much as I do, and to support Sayu in one of the few ways I can.

So what does that mean for here? Unfortunately I haven’t made arrangements for a temp, though who knows what could happen before then, but the worst case scenario is that we go translation dark for 3-4 days (coming back by Black Friday probably)

I’ll probably be tweeting my tears and pain throughout those days on Twitter though, so if you aren’t following you can =P.

We thank you for your support and enjoyment of our work here, and hope you’ll be patient as we go through this last Momusu Sayu hoorah ^^;


[Fall2014] Site Poll

It’s time to get some feedback from the population! These polls allow me to know how you guys feel about things and what I can do for you guys.

Note that you don’t need to be registered to the site to take part in the poll, but if you want to help out and help me help you, you can register so I can read feedback you have to give!

I’ll take a look at the poll for about a week or so to see where the active temperature is. And take it into consideration as I adjust how I do things.

This one is especially important about translations, as I’ve always wanted to provide the kind of translations that someone could follow along almost part by part. But at the same time, my translations won’t show anyone looking at these translations the full range I can do if I wanted to try to get more people to join us and do things. And no one’s gonna just look at the announcement translations I do just to see a slightly more formal trip, so I wanna know, do you care about the “formal localization level” of the work?

Please help us out!

Where are you here from?

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How do you feel about the 3rd person usage in blogs translations?

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If Sayu stops blogging what would you like here to do?

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Whose blog entries would you like to see translated while Sayu is on break? (no guarantees)

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[Fall2014] What is your preferred level of translations?

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[Site News] Twitter Banner

Hey Everyone,

I noticed that we got a spike in views from twitter. Thank you for visiting, though I wish it was under better circumstances. Still, I can’t deny that it’s nice to see more people coming to visit (we broke our record since coming to mittsi.net!).

So I’ve added a banner in the friendly links (styled after the one’s seen on Ameba pages =P) to my twitter. Since I’m currently the only active staff here, that’s what you get =P. I don’t post whenever I update because it would get irritating probably, but I post randomly as we countdown the Sayupocolypse, and if something goes wrong I can post there.

Based on how it goes, I may post big news on there since it seems like a good way to get the word out, instead of hoping other people forward their people to me ^^;. Follow along if you like.

Thank you for your support both for our translations and for Sayu in everything she does. Cheers.


[Nanto News] Temporary Slowdown

Hey Everyone,

Just a bit of an alert, because NY is gonna happen, and I am currently scheduled to be there for it, the blog translations may get a little stalled this weekend because I will be away from my system for a chunk of it, and when I get back will have to be back to school/work grind. That said NY Momusu stuff is also important so I will get to it as soon as I can. Maybe I can prep it on the plane ride home? LOL who knows.

In any case I hope you’ll stick with me, from what I last saw there are other places that are also trying to keep up with Sayu blogs, but I hope you’ll stick with us ^^.


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