[Site News] August Report

It’s that time of year again (how many more times is this gonna happen anyway!?). School is coming back into session and with it comes the shift in schedule, availability and stamina.

For me that means, sleeping in odd times, not wanting to do anything but stare at videos, and bashing my head over what appears to be work.

For you that means, odd time updates for blog translations, possible pauses in translations, or me forgetting to report updates to H!O.

We hope you understand the reason for this events and continue to support us in the future.

A question for the audience. For two of the past four days, I have been in what one might call “Idols in Hawaii Mode” where I go out a little more often and do things. It’s not all that interesting but I wonder if anyone would be curious in knowing what I saw (written with some flare of course). Drop me a comment if you’re interested I’ll take it into consideration.

Hang tight guys, we go through rough patches but we come back!

SayuBook – Guest Translator!

Nantonaku is happy to announce our first guest writer in a long time! That’s right folks, xxmayuppe from Hello!Online wants to do translations for some sections of “Sayu”, and so I figured, why not put them together so people can find them in one spot!

It’s still xxmayuppe’s work so if you like it, give xxmayupee support in whatever way you can!

Look forward to something coming down the pipeline as soon as the usabots can process it all!

[Site News] Promoting Friends

So I’m still new at how the Internet really works in terms of spreading news and all the goodness, and so there’s this problem where I don’t know how to get out there without feeling like I’m shoving things down people’s throats. THat’s why while I have a twitter I don’t want to post EVERYTIME I update a blog translations, it seems overbearing.

But that said, I want to be able to support other people and keep the happiness going. That said I’ve decided to copy another technique from H!P/Ameblo and made a mini-banner section. As time goes on and I can get to know more people or they can talk to me I’ll be seeing if perhaps they will let me support them in this way.

The first on the list! Jicchan.com
Turbos86 has been an amazing part of the Wota community and his efforts in trying to keep people informed and prepared are choice! His guides are great for people up and coming who want to embrace Wota culture in it’s fullest and I recommend his work (and follow it) thoroughly!

you can go ahead and click the link on the right side anytime you like to check his site out!

The 『Sayu』 Dilemma

So yay this morning I got my copy oF 『Sayu』, Michishige Sayumi’s First Personal Book! I love it already, looking through it is nice, cause it’s a book instead of a photobook I feel less cautious about touching pages cause it’s not that glossy material. And it’s a treat.

But with the treat is a problem. I would like to be able to go through this book and provide translations for people, but the content is way beyond my expectations. I’m talking page 93 to page 109 being almost entirely text. And even on the best day of my life, I would not be able to wrestle through that confidently.

In addition I do not wish to damage my copy of Sayu immediately, so I am unable to get good digital copies to work with, so I’d be working with locking down good translations with minimal damage, essentially the work of perhaps 3-10 people, which I couldn’t do.

So here’s how it’s gonna be.
I’ll finish up that Sayu anatomy, and the page of text associated with that. And at most you’ll get some (or if you’re lucky all) of the 100 Q&A Sayu questions.

Any questions? Comments? You angry? Got a suggestion? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for your time,

PS. If you don’t have your own copy of Sayu, you might want to get one, it’s awesome~


We survived! Thanks to a friend (who owns a domain at the almost appropriately matching mittsi.net) we now can continue to exist…I don’t know how long it’ll last for, but for now let’s all take a deep breath.


PS Edit:
One thing I did notice is that I forgot to save all the poll data I had from before…so look forward to another one of those coming soon.

Michishige Sayumi Graduation Announcement

Thankfully, long-time H!P fan, and friend to a lot of people, Turbos86 has already done a translation for the announcement from the H!P official site.

Please check it out and give it your support here:


With the Sayupocolypse upon us, let us all gather our energy! Ready….GO!

[April 2014] The Nanto Report

Hello visitors,

This spring has been an amazing boom for us at Nantonaku!

With the inclusion of Aika’s adventures in English learning in New Zealand, and Gaki doing another Q&A session we’ve had several more visitors than normal. Add to that, the fact that I’ve tried to advertise a little more on H!O, we’ve broken our record for visitors in a day! We’re going strong thanks to you!

That being said I’m always looking for feedback from everyone! make an account here and leave me a comment and let me know how we can keep everyone as happy as we can!

Also any suggestions for spreading the word around, especially since I hear that b!p has been falling behind on Aika, Gaki, and Sayu, I’d like to be able to keep everyone satisfied till they catch up as they’ve done while I’ve been gone as well.

Now to the polls!

[Fall2017] What is your view on blog-translations

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The last question is really just me curious about what kind of people donate to all the websites we know of that keep people strong and what they look for. I’ve seen people do like subscription donations for like youtube videos, but I thought no one would do that for translations. To clarify, we are NOT asking for donations

Keep strong everyone!
Usachan Peace!


[Site Question] 2014’s First Poll!

Hi Everyone,

Quick poll for those of you who come here to read blog translations. I’ve noticed lately an increase in “Staff Posting” Blogs among all the H!P bloggings. While these are informative they are usually related to Television appearances or some campaign which is exclusive to Japan, which readers may not be able to take advantage of. So that’s our first poll~

[Fall2017] How much does matching the format of the blog matter to you? (Coloring, Spacing, Alignment, etc.)

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And since we’re doing a poll might as well as you, the readers how you feel about translating Aika blogs. Since I suspect her entries will not be frequent, and I find her desire to learn English interesting I find myself wanting to do this, but as always it might affect other efforts, so I want to know what you think. Go Poll Go!

[Fall2017] When presented with a series that has a standardized English title which do you prefer used after first mention (ex: Kimi no Na wa vs. Your Name)

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I’m glad to be back again, and hope you guys are hanging around too. Let’s help make this place grow and get better!

InvisNantoka, Invis for short but not from anywhere else but H!O/JPH!P/TKMR (this has come up)

[SiteNews]We’re Alive 2013 Winter!

*Coughs from all the virtual cobwebs*

Hello anyone who still knows we exist. No doubt you were wondering what happened and why I didn’t get back sooner. Angry? I know I am ><; So it turns out my work can apparently make me work beyond when the semester supposedly ends. As a result, I had to do more work even beyond when I thought I'd be free and so Christmas was sleeping when not working. In fact! I'm still being forced to work! But I couldn't keep giving that 100% knowing that when I do they just give me more to do in compensation, and I needed to make things right, here, in the place I want to be. So I thought about how I could best do that, and the best I can do right now is this. REVIVAL 2014! We're going to get back in motion for the new years and not look back! It's unfortunate for there to be such a big gap in the archives but unless I'm suddenly finding myself in an excess of time, we have to keep looking forward. In addition we're still going to look for ways to make this better, including but not limited to, a greater system for automation, recruiting those interested in joining me, and most of all, being able to enjoy doing this again. The realistic dream right now is to find a way to keep this running smoothly. The near impossible (and totally unrealistic) dream is to get Sayu attention =P. But hey it's gonna be 2014, let's party right? Thank you all for your support, especially if you've been waiting for my return. Let's bring us back stronger than ever for 2014! Invis

[Self-Promotion] Invis Wrote Something

Happy [Belated] Thanksgiving Everyone!

I realize that you are all here for translations, and I promised I’d get back to them soon, but I’m here to be completely transparent about what’s happened.

So shortly after I wrote the last entry about my plans for the handling the end of semester and coming back to translation, I found out that C-ute was coming to town. So I crushed out some extra time to go and check out the scene.

Well, sitting on a bus without internet or a computer can leave you with lots of time to think and so, I ended up wondering if people thought the same things I did. As a result I took a little bit of time while I was enjoying Thanksgiving dinner to write up my thoughts into a giant brain dump.

So if you want to check that out head over to
and check out the write up. You can also look to see some of the things I know about the FC tours that happen.

That said, I hope the thanksgiving holiday was good for everyone, I’m gonna be back to school work from here on so I can get back to translating for you guys as soon as I can!


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