Massage ☆

My massage just ended~!!


It felt sooo good
although I was asleep
for most of it (-.-)zzZ
I couldn’t steal any techniques… or even remember anything (lol)


Well I guess that’s what you call relaxation ♪


I guess
I really do like getting massages
more than giving them (lol) ♪


It seems like I’ve fixed my way of thinking


I’m growing up!!!

At the age where I want to be flattered?

Well ☆


This morning I had a meat cheese doria ♪


I also had some chips earlier this morning (^◇^)┛
Wasabi flavored chips!
They smelled so strong! (°□°;)
But then right after, they turned sooo good (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


You know lately, I’ve been really liking anything doria (≧∇≦)↑


And recently I ate some oyster doria on accident↑
I don’t eat oysters at all (」゜□゜)」
But wanting to eat doria just… (>Σ<)


When you put oysters into doria, it becomes delicious (⌒~⌒)


Oysters are an acquired tasted aren’t they ♪


But it seems like, aside from the raw kind
I can now handle oysters!


I must apologize for being so ambiguous towards oysters earlier…


Now as for Sayumi who can’t be clear on her feeling towards oysters
where do you think she’s going now!?


I’m going to get a massage o(^-^)o


I love getting massages and giving them as well (≧∇≦)


In giving massages
I love it when the person gives you lots and lots of compliments


Like “Wow you’re good, it feels so good!”
those compliments make it really worth doing ↑


When they stay silent, I get pretty worried
as to whether it feels good or not
So I generally like to massage people who compliment me ♪


But there is 1 big no-no
and that is complimenting other girls more than me!


Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika happens to be really good at massages
So the other members are always like
“Aika, you’re so good at giving massages”


I am so openly jealous of Aika-chan (lol)


But Aika-chan is always considerate and says
“Michishige-san, your massages are better”
My response to that
I won’t deny it at all
*look of self-satisfaction* (`∇´ゞ


What’s wrong with the both of you being good you say ↑
Well I know that in my head
But I”m just being stubborn about it (>_<)


I’m a 20 year old and not mature at all (;_;)


But I don’t plan on massaging today, just getting one
so I can be at ease ♪


And relax ↑


And now, so that all of you will praise me
I’m off to steal some pro massage techniques ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


I guess I can’t really relax after all (lol)


力 (not the katakana ka, but the kanji meaning power)

Good morning!!
Thank you soooo much
for all the warm, kind comments yesterday m(_ _)m


Midnight last night… and this morning
when it was just me and my laptop
I was sooo happy (∋_∈)♪


It’s such a reassuring feeling to know all of you guys are here !!!!↑




Since I’ve started my blog,
it feels like I’ve been doing nothing but sitting in front of my laptop (lol)


My laptop must be so happy ↑♪


Cuz I mean it gets to face the cute me
for such long periods at a time (^_^)v♪


Ah I can just imagine the scary faces
you guys are making after reading this (lol)


It seems like recently, as each day passes,
I’m slowly perfecting my ability to annoy you guys (^◇^)┛ (lol)
For the Sayumi that loves herself so much
rather than spending time looking at the mirror


I would rather spend my time in front of the laptop…
My life for the past 20 years up til now has been completely turned upside down


The power of the blog, be afraid!!


Speaking of the power of this blog
As I said yesterday
I wouldn’t have this blog on my own
It is something I have made with all of you
Everyone’s power is so amazing!! (b^ー°)


Ahh… well
the real difference is that now
you guys share part of the responsibility too (≧∇≦)


And so
please continue to support me and my blog
forever and ever!!!


This pic is from yesterday’s event at the hall
when we were filming goods being sold


My outfit and hair were looking cute the whole time ♪♪


Next week, we have an event in Tokyo as well
For those of you that are going, please check it out o(^-^)o

Everyone's blog

Today was the FC event and handshake event…
To all of you who came ☆
To all of you who support us ☆
Thank you so much!!


At the handshake event,
so many people said
“I read your blog”
“Keep up the good work on your blog”
“Your blog is so fun”
“I’m so happy you are blogging”
“Having your blog lets me feel so much closer to you”


I was thanked so much for having this blog ☆


I really love this blog!
To all of you who read this blog
To all of you who have added me to your friend’s list
To all of you who have left comments
Even the ones who left some harsh comments at times
Still, I am very happy that all of you came to visit this blog (^O^)


I’m glad this blog turned out the way it did
It feels like we’re connected closer than ever before (>_<)


And at today’s 3rd event
“Do you want to love or do you want to be loved?”
was the theme of discussion…
and so at the event I said
I want to love


The reason is
I am already loved so much
from my parents, my grandparents, my siblings
I have already received so much love
The Morning Musume members, my manager and staff members,
all of you fans, and all of you who read my blog
I am loved so much..


Yes so,
I am quite loved


And from being loved, I have learned a lot


From being loved, I want to give out love… that’s how I feel


And because of that, I want to love all of yoooou out there
who have given me so much love!!!!!


I have learned about love from all of you


That’s why I said I want to love


And this may be too much, but please continue to love me!


Sorry (>_<) It seems like I want to love and want to be loved! I have feelings for both sides


To love! To be loved!
I’m sure somewhere out there, these two phrases are seen as opposites
But, for us
I see it as a mutual love (*^o^*)


I mean even with this blog,
I love this blog
but it wouldn’t have been possible without you readers


No matter how much I love to write
even if I skip sleep to write
I couldn’t have done this alone


Thank you so much for reading this


This is everyone’s blog, and I hope we all continue to cherish it V(^-^)V


※ By the way, the pose in the pic has no special meaning (lol)

Gathered together for a pic ♪

I took this pic before we started our 2nd event ☆




Doesn’t Morning Musume look like such a wonderful group?


I’m flattering myself too much… (lol)


Well now ☆
back to the event,
the 3rd event ended without any problems!!


The 3rd event was suuuper fun too \(^ー^)/


The stuff we did at the events were all the same
between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd events
but the colors were completely different…
and it was a different sense of fun…
that’s pretty cool huh


I’m in a pretty good mood right now ↑


I feel like running around ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


And my fans will watch over me even if I’m running around,
you guys are waaay too kind!


Please don’t let stress build up because of me (;_;)


But if you do get stressed out
I’ll cure you with my cute smile (^o^)/


The source of stress
and the relief of stress


are all Sayumi!


Kyaaa (≧∇≦)


I’m at the heart of everything aren’t I (o^∀^o)


I guess I’m a
trouble-making wo~ma~n (^∀^)ノ


…and again today!
I brilliantly manage to annoy all of you again !!!!o(`▽´)o!!!!

Tired? Maybe..

Gaki-san, are you tired out from the 2nd event?


She was resting on that desk,
acting like a slug!


Anyway, I was like
“Hey Gaki-san, can I write on my blog that
since you’re older you get tired more easily?”


“Heck nooooo”
is what she said in an old lady’s voice (lol)


Gaki-san and I are only 1 year apart too!


1 year is pretty big huh (^_-)


I mean Gaki-san was born in the Showa era ♪
But I’m in the Heiwa era ♪♪♪♪


Saying “heck nooo” won’t change any of that! (≧∇≦)

Squid ♪ Squid ♪♪

Fried squid fried squid fried squid ♪♪


The staff members bought fried squid for us (≧∇≦)


Osaka fried squids are so chewy ↑


Soooo delicious (⌒~⌒)


Did ya know that squids have a lot of
nutrients that girls need!


That’s why it’s ok for girls to eat a lot of it!


That’s what my mom said!


Back in the day though, I didn’t like squid as much as I do now ↓(>_<) I always left the squid my mom made alone And then she told me those things and I thought I'm a girl! If I eat a lot of it, I'll turn into a beauty! So from then on I loved squid (^з^)-☆ muah!!


I’m off to the event girly and full of squid ~(≧∇≦)

Good girl ♪

You know Linlin,
every time we go out to eat, she always treats me!


Even though I’m the senpai…
“I’ll pay!”
is not something I’ve said yet (>_<)


A few times when I’m getting out of my seat to go pay
I find out it’s already been paid for


But I mean
I still like going out with her! (lol)


And because of this
I really really love Linlin! (lol)


Ahh, what a good girl isn’t she ♪


Aww man
I’m so black-hearted (・_・;)



The first event just ended~!


This is what my event outfit looks like ↑(*^o^*)


It’s very sparkly ♪


Everyone’s eyes were also sparkling at the handshake session (≧∇≦)


For the first event…
I was supposed to do the timing count by myself
on top of the music with steps
But my rhythm was pretty sloppy ━━━━━(-_-#)


It was ━━━━━━(-_-#)


sloppy ━━━━━━(-_-#)


That means death for any singer ( ̄○ ̄;)


I’m beyond saving (;_;)


And I’m a Morning Musume girl too…


I guess my only merit
really is my cuteness (lol)