Good Eveningーーーー☆




The au uniform
is cute huh〜!


This outfit, already we probably won’t wear them again?





I want to wear it! I want to wear it!


I want to wear it againーーーーー!!!!




Well, yesterday,


was a shoot for 6/23 release of 「JUNON」
with Momochi,
Tsugunaga Momoko-chan and


Wada Ayaka-chan, I did a shoot with both of them!




I can’t put up pictures yet though.



The outfit were cute too,



Ayacho was! so cuteー
Ayacho’s cuteness brings me joy (●´ー`●)
Powaーーーn…I get like that you know. After meeting with Ayacho




Momochi was! funnyー(lol)



No really!
Momochi, she’s alーーways funny!!!
After the shoots and the interview finished too
I was talking with Momochi♪
Momochi was funny♪



Alーways cute, seeing Ayasho who there isn’t one NG picture of either, I’m impressed,


From coming there to going home, seeing Momochi always in high spirits, I was impressed!



I once again thought Hello!Project is amazingー!



There is this summer’s customary
Hello!Pro Concert!


I look forward to it



2014/6/3 23:32 (GREE)

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