Still Very Full with Pictures!





Good Evening!


Today, we are singiーng a lot





The pictures from the birthday bus tour!


Again? does it feel like that?(lol)





Cause it was fun



The bus tour you know.


We went to my homearea of Yamaguchi prefecture,


The fans went,


“Yamaguchi prefecture is a great place huh〜”




“I like Yamaguchi now!”



saying that made me really happy!


The place Sayumi grew up, it’s a good place right?ーーーー(*≧▽≦)
For a Yamaguchi native it felt like something to boast!



It’s just filled with nature,
and filled with memories from when I was small,
even now I love it but
getting to make new precious memories again,
made me like Yamaguchi prefecture all the more!



The pictures of that Yamaguchi prefecture, I’ll put them up laterーーー(*・▽・*)


2014/7/16 20:48 (GREE)

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