『Fukumura-san’s Neighbor♡♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-26 22:20:26


How is everyone?



Today was, 『AnimeMatsuri』!
The 1st dayEmoji


It was very fun!
We got to talk with lots of people at the Q&A, it was really really funEmoji


Tomorrow Morning Musume。’16 is doing a live!
I’m looking forward to itEmojiEmoji






For dinner, I had the seat next to Fukumura-sanEmoji
I got to take a picture together!




It’s a little dark, GomenchaiMaria [tl note: Gomenachaimasu/Forgive me + Maria]Emoji


From now on I’ll talk with Fukumura-san a lot!
(I want to!)





Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji



音譜Makino Maria音譜



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