Today is the Live Day!! Ishida Ayumi

2016-02-27 09:46:11
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It’s Ishida Ayumin



Here in Houston,


It’ll soon be 10:00時計




布団z……Good morning 太陽



It’s like Morning Musume。 is being welcomed, the weather is great, it a great feeling morning~ that’s what it’s likeキラキラ


For the places that don’t have sunlight it’s a little chilly but,
Even dressing lightly it’s fine, that’s how the temperature is!!




At last today, the 27th is



Live in Houston



The day we’re doing the concert笑顔ハーチョ




She had influenza
so Iikubo Haruna-chan joined us after we arrived tooきいろペンライト





Morning Musume。’16 All AssembledハーチョI




We kept you waiting for a seriously long time huh…


Poor health is scary huh…



Now everyone’s doing okayI [tl note: her I typo not mine, probably suppose to be an !]


For Nonaka Miki-chan who ended up injurying her leg, she BariBari actively displaying her specialty in English, she’s said it feels like she’s come back to her home areaキラキラ she’s having funキラキラ






At last it’s the day of the live,
It’s a mix of WakuWaku excitement and DokiDoki heart-pounding



Yesterday there was a Q&A event,


Though the interpreter
We talked with the fans andバレエくりすます



When we waved screams rose upキラキラ


There were those who were saying, “Thank you for coming to america” in tears



The words themselves came through the interpreter but,


Everyone’s fired up feelings, we got them straight from everyone, it really made me happyハーチョ




But today,


Not through an interpreter either


and not through a screen



We get to show our performance directly!



If it’s a performance there is no word barrierキラキラ


I feel like, this time for us to be able to convey our feelings straight to you, I want to give it my all!!






For Houston,


Mitsui Aika-san came with us tooキラキラ




At the Houston airport, right after we arrived地球 lol





Today I’ll do my best all day too



I at too much for breakfast
and at a lot last night tooー


I wonder what tonight’s dinner will beー!←



See you ayuminハーチョ



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2 thoughts on “Today is the Live Day!! Ishida Ayumi

  1. Another report. Another long one. If needed be moved, its ok Invis.

    Concert captured by fan already uploaded on social media. That was fast.

    Day 2 started to check the situation concerning the concert, if there was a ticket needed to get in or not. Checked with several staff, all said no as long as you have your badge then everything was ok. On with the autograph session then. I didn’t have a superclass, those who paid more than the rest of us are able to have 2 HP related items signed Saturday. The girls entered the designated location. Alas I said hello to Kudu entering who was so very close, handshake close, but sadly in my thoughts only, reality sucks. Aika came last as always said hi again.

    The signing session was well organized and
    and a breeze. In between signature, the girls would interact with us like doing gestures and motions like a gorilla on the other side of the cage. We animals, them visitors or vice versa, lol. They happily instigated it, especially Maria’s wild antics while Akane was calm and demure. Both Hatchin and Nonaka meanwhile are doing their upper body choreography mentioning for us to follow along. Oda was oda, appreciative. Duu and her yaeba was perfect. Maachan often loud and clear. Ayumi was all smiles waving. Haruna’s honey time showing. Eripon in brief instances we see her smile because it was the near the beggining of the line, so not a whole lot of interaction like Fukuchan. In between the fans along the whole thing was Aika filming the girls. I wonder if the guys and gals didn’t know her right beside them. Best memory was the fans, some in tears showing us their treasure. An awesome sight without a doubt. After was group photo time, they lined up near our barrier thanking us and we as well right back. They were paraded, like those penguin in a zoo walking along the sea of anime fans, parting the red sea I guess, lol. From one end to another like a football field, fans taking their precious from endzone to end zone. MM fans right behind them escorting through the murmurs of who are these and that is someone from Japan I think. Destination elevator, MM fans rejoiced safely as the girls waved goodbye, fans waving as the door closed.

    BREAK TIME. gotta fuel up for the main event!!!!

    Show starts at 7. More like 7:30. Went at the location around 4 to see what’s up. Wait what, a ticket was distributed…. Helpful fans told the rest us that tickets where distributed at a location far, felt like a mile, from the concert place. Got there, what the heck, no ticket giving person.
    Thankfully a wonderful fan who had a ticket was talking to personnel about it and he stayed with us to make sure to sort it out. Walkie talky dance routine. Back and fort and so on. Finally, an ok for the rest of us to go back there as long you have a badge, everything A-ok.

    Around 4 something, fans gather but personnel said no lineup till near 7. Just talking sir, well no lineup till near 7, explained what will the rest of the con goers entering think of what’s goin on here. Ok dispersed momentarilly. Now to make sure no ticketing is involved, staff said those who got tickets earlier when time comes to lineup there. WHAT. (This is my experience as others where talking to different staffs) Our saviour guy explained the debacle from a mile location ago. More walkie talkie chitchat dance routines. OK guy said those w/ tickets line up here, the rest ok lineup behind them. So there we went. Some other fans talking to another staff where lining up other people at another space across from us. Curious our team members went to talk, never came back. Curious still others went. I was one of them. Still staff dance routine. NO this area is for superpass not regular or unleaded, lol in my mind to keep frustration at bay. Finally for the world of what is good to be alive, breaking the monotony, staff finally organized. Ticketed holders here, superpass there and the rest w/ badge over there.

    Waiting timuuuuuuu…….

    Ticketpersons entered, superpass and the regulars. Venue was large enough to mix all of them too. View location was the deciding factor for the fan discrimination, lol. Rich, middle and the lower. Us poor folks still have good view too, upfront, near the stage..

    I wont go the set list details as info around the net will provide it for you.

    W E A L L H A D S O M U C H F U N!!

    Nonaka sat on a chair the whole time. English by the girls are good which they’ll forget as soon as they leave American soil. Hpstation feature likely.
    Whose your favorite member Maria, Sayu.
    The rest says Aikasays At uni, Meacham and can’t remember. Tried not to look at footage. Zukki appreciation was present said what she’s looking forward to was our smile. Time was nonexistent throught, we didnt want it to end. Sadly its time to say goodbye….

    Patience friends, patience.

    A newly discovered fan friend I met checked the followup music performance. Stayed a while, she said ok go? Sure.

    An HP group gathered in a huddle and what a surprise Aika was in the middle interviewing those around her. You probably saw pics and or vids already.

    It was very nice listening to each other’s testimony and love for Hello Project. With Aika interviewing, you honestly cannot lie, right?

    A shout out to a fellow fan as she’ok for me to write this and Invis thanks for the this outlet.

    She was interviewed by Aika, she said ” while going through school she listens to Moring Museum songs to while studying and was able to pursue Phd at Harvard.” Joanna Maasaku.

    Aika pic or it didnt happen right, here.

    She was totally ok with it, might be a manager trainee.

    • I’m fine with you commenting where you like, but it might get lost in the shuffle of time is all, if you would like to keep them here you can, I just have to approve it if it gets to long apparently ^^;

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