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2016-02-27 23:12:12
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(I’ll write about the Houston performance later!)





Thanks to the time difference, this is late but



has released!


Everyone who reserved basically are getting it one after another it seems…..!!



By all means please let me hear what you think ( ^ω^ )✌︎








This time, with my winter cut, I had my hair arranged!!


The one done on the 3rd page is my first time having it arranged!






Miyakojima’s curry shop


It was super yummy
This is an all types set but, they have 2~3 type sets too, when I’ve gone to Miyakojima I for sure want to eat from this curry shop♡







Yesterday, I got to make an appearance in Sankei Sports!
Thank you so much ( ^ω^ )( ^ω^ )




Kansha, Kangeki, Kuduー? Kanduー!
[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]




「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Kudu Wordplay: Today’s Du- Whatever]
A question.
Just who might be my roommate?



Kudou Haruka




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