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2016-07-13 17:17:05



Good Evening



Happy Birthday!!


When we went to submit the marriage registration, 「Aa with this we’ll formally be a married couple huh」
It became a happy marvelous feeling♪





My wife is really a proprieter of a professional way of thinking about plays.


When at home, we mostly talk about plays.


We really feel like we like plays. Getting lots of motivation, learning a lot for ourselves too, from here on we as well we motivate each other, as actors even higher and higher, I feel we’re taking each other higher.


And, as a husband, having a family, I feel like being a central pillar to a home is from here on no matter what happens, any kind of thing, no matter what form it’s in, I need to go and protect my wife and my family.


And, I feel that I want to build a happy home.


The bentou my wife makes for me, without flattery, each and every one is yummy.
And so I feel I have to put up each one on my blog.


From here on too I hope to build up a always and forever Love-Love home♪
I hope we can get our fill going to Disney!!


I’m thinking about things like that!!



I love my wife’s smile!!








It’s joy♪


It’s a dream for the 2 of us to appear on Sanma Goten lol




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