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2017-05-05 22:48:24







Today was various meet-ups〜!


Midway through, I left to do a Yantan recording, and came back again for the evening part☆



From all the fans who came, they were worried, ‘It’s hard huh〜!” but, getting to meet with Sanma-san and Shoーji-san, there’s nothing hard about it (*´◒`*)!


Today getting to meet with all the fans, and getting to meet with all of Yantan, it was a very happy day♡



Tomorrow’s broadcast of Yantan, the guest is Country・Girls’s Yamaki Risa-chan♪
By all menas please watch it kay〜〜♡





Since yesterday, among the members there’s been a popular thing!



The cardgame Daifugou [tl note: a game similar to “Richman Poorman”]〜〜(*´∀`*)!



Ogata taught us!


The members are able to communicate with each other while having a match so, while going from home to work, playing Daifugou with the members is very fun♪



I’m, strong at Daifugouーーー!!



Who should I use the cards in my hand?, thinking about that is very fun!


This, for a little while, is going to be something popular inside Morning Musume。 I think (*´꒳`*)









Oda with ’17




It’s got picture power huh〜〜!! lol


Tomorrow and the day after, with the 12, is serial events! We’ll be waiting〜〜(*´∀`*)








And today, 5/5 is my beloved Nakagawa Shouko-san’s birthday!!


Congratulations on your level up〜〜♡









It’s thanks to Nakagawa-san, that life is colored!


For this year we got to see the flowers too, and have girl meet-ups, and she taught me lots of things I didn’t know
Nakagawa-san’s stories from her own life are always interesting, being together is very fun!




She’s my entertainment world big sis-chan!!!
I’m talking to her about everything (*´꒳`*)♡



Please do your best with your play (´;ω;`)!
I wanted to go see it…(´;ω;`)



Now, we’re both in a busy time but, when things calm down I want to meet up soon〜〜!!


I want to sing mmts-sama’s song too!




Have a fantastic year♡







For my clothes today, I wore the Tshirt I got from Sanma-san as a birthday present!
It’s been more than half a year and I’ve finally worn it, this short sleeve Tshirt!
Look at it KAY(*´∀`*)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji



Iikubo Haruna’s First Photobook 「Haruiro」
e-LineUP! Mall inside Odyssey publication’s official shop
Concert venues,
at each Official Shop
It’s on sale with rave reviews♡









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