Children’s Day☆Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-05 22:57:49


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn Emoji


Various Meet-up 2 days!!!
Everyone who came
thank you so muchEmoji



I got lots of questions that were like, “If you compared it to Anpanman?”Emoji


Getting to the point that I’d be asked and immediately answer
There’s no excuse if I end up being a character that appeared in a recent broadcast of Anpanman…!Emoji


It’s fun but kinda puzzlingーEmojiEmoji



Are play practices okay?
I love this song from my first tour〜
I like this outfit
Omiso and food talk
I’ll come to tomorrow’s event kay〜 and then you know
after that〜 today
getting praised and stuff, all of that stuff made me happyEmojiEmoji


I was pretty much in high spirits with everyoneEmoji
It’s Children’s Day you knowEmojiEmoji



By all means please come again kayEmoji


Today was fun too-yonEmoji
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji



And today, lots of you went to the trainee’s ability diagnosis testEmoji
According to the info I heard they decided on the members to debutEmoji




Maria and Kaediー did Congratulation phone calls♡
GoodEmojiチューリップピンク GoodEmojiチューリップ赤



For today, it’s Children’s Day so
A release of a chibi-Mizuki picture!
With DoraemonーEmoji


Since I was small, every year I’d get to go along to a game fair like thingー🎶


mizuki, I’ve been told I’m bad at the games but I loved itEmojiEmojiEmoji


I want to play gaーーーーmesーーEmojiEmojiEmoji


Tomorrow is a 63rd Single Release Commemoration Event
we’ll be waiting at Differ AriakeEmoji




63rd Single Event
5/6 Differ Ariake
①13:30〜②16:15〜③ 19:00〜


5/7 Zepp Osaka Bayside
① 14:45〜② 17:30〜


Satou Masaki’s appearance has not been scheduled. Please understand.





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