Chopsticks Rolling Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-06 21:32:15





Today was a 「BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy」 Serial Event〜〜(*´∀`*)


3 shows, everyone who came, thank you so muchs!



Already all the shows were supremely fun, smiles from beginning to end〜〜♡



Today even the dressing room was all laughter!









For the dressing room we were split in two, I was with these 6♪



It’s the upper aged members but, it’s was all Kyakkya and laughter, we were younger than the younger members. lol



I feel like even chopsticks rolling around caused laughter (`・∀・´)kiri


I don’t even remember why we were laughing, we laughed at like nothing at all!←





Ah, the braids were liked, that made me happy〜〜(*´∀`*)♡











That said, from the length of the braid, the members are shown.




Tomorrow is the serial event in Osaka!
Let’s have funーーーー





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji



Iikubo Haruna’s First Photobook 「Haruiro」
e-LineUP! Mall inside Odyssey publication’s official shop
Concert venues,
at each Official Shop
It’s on sale with rave reviews♡








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