Release Commemoration Event☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-06 22:52:39


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn Emoji


Today was a 63rd Single 「BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy」 Release Commemoration Event in Differ AriakeEmoji


Everyone who came
did you have fun〜Emoji


It was 3 shows and each show I had funEmojiEmoji
We all had lots of fun tooEmoji


At the handshake event after the 3rd show finished, for some reason from lots of you I ended up getting air 2nd buttons♡Emoji



Today’s dressing room was these membersEmoji
Haruna in the seat next to me, each and every one of Mizuki’s words hit the mark with her…Emoji
It was like Mizuki today became a funny person EmojiEmoji


Talking, playing games, sleeping
really we all had free time.EmojiEmoji


Among that, from dressing room next door we could hear their laughing voices, it seems like everyone was having a good time (*´³`*)♪



The outfit for today’s event was the MV rapper outfitsEmoji
And so, today once again it’s Charamura-sanEmojiEmoji


Like I suddenly remembered, the style came out-yonEmojiEmoji


Today’s mini live was so hot tooメラメラメラメラメラメラ


it had gotten so hot, we eneded up all, “Bo〜” so for the 3rd show I took off my cap and ended up attaching it to my beltEmojiEmoji


Today was a fun day tooEmoji
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji



Tomorrow is a release commemoration event in Osaka
Zepp Osaka BaysideEmoji
Let’s have fun together with all the people at the Osaka venueー kayEmoji


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