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2017-06-14 22:40:47
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Pictures I took from 「Pharaoh no Haka」〜♪
Ruーtan, The Ruー role’s Haga AkanechinEmoji


Ehhen <(* ¯﹀¯ *)>Emoji


Her performance like that was wonderful
I always watched Ruーtan acting from the backEmoji


Ruー and Snefel’s relationship you know♡
“For sure they’ve been together since they were small probably huh〜” their acting gave that feeling
since practice it was really fantasticEmoji




Yesterday I had free time from the evening so, I went to eat with Yamaki Risa-chan♪
It was funny〜ラブラブ


Hobby things and work stories, we were fiーlled with talk! That’s how it feltEmoji


Really our talk is inexhaustibleEmoji
Risa-chan is a good listener and a good talker yahEmojiEmoji


We also talked about each other’s ideal idol image tooEmoji


While talking I thought about it the whole time but of course Risa-chan has pretty featuresEmoji
And her appearance has those qualitiesEmojiEmoji


She has things that are full of elegance〜EmojiEmoji


…Wawhat?? Where did you hear what I saidEmojiEmoji


I want to go again yahEmoji




I learned muscle training from my little brotherEmoji


…and muscle painsEmoji


I thought I was knowledgable with stretches and muscle training but
of course sports clubs are different huhEmoji


Really really detailed, it’s a Sparta Stoic!!


It can’t be helped I gotta keep it up!Emoji


My little brother for the track and field meet, he got the men’s 1500m run first place time and school record, he updated me about thatー!
I was told to blog itーEmojiEmoji






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