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2017-07-31 22:36:55
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It’s hot HOT!


Before I knew it it was the last day of July you know(O_O)






It’s continuous days of shoots but, there lots of outside shoots





Reliably hydrating,






reliably applying sunscreen,







reliably eating ice cream…♡












Ayumin・Duー Milk Kintoki


PonPon combi Fruit Bars


Iーkubo BLACK



We’re divided by our tastes yah〜〜( ^ω^ )







Please listen, this morning, an incident happened.



Last night, I was extra tired, I didn’t have the energy to wear pajama’s either



I slept with just Tshirt and inners.



Sleeping near a window but 【Note: People outside can’t see in the house】



With the sunlight coming through the break in the curtains





Just my bottom ended up sunburned ( ;∀;)





Properly sleeping on a futon but, sleeping sideway, just my bottom stuck out you know.



Just sunburned on the right side… lol




Sunburned while sleeping, the importance of sunburn up to yesterday… lol




THank goodness…
I’m a person who no swimsuit shoots or anything…



A silver lining, there’s no worry for people who could see it ( ;∀;)




I really have a predisposition to sunburn easily, my skin is also the type that doesn’t peel it absorbs it.


This will recover by summer yah…!



Or sooner I’d want my whoel body to get blackened you know!



Then, having high tone color would seem to match me more than black hair too huh!



The idea of having to be light would go awayー!!






Haa,haa…. sorry, I got distracted.



Everyone, sunburn while you’re sleeping, please be careful about it too seriously☆











Yesterday I read, 「Hyakunen no Warukyuーre」 [tl approx: 100 year Valkyrie]


It was interesting (*´꒳`*)





There’s fantasy, and revenge tragedy, and pretty pictures too, I recommend it♪





For my clothes today, it’s the ribbon battern one piece I got as a hand-me-down from Nanba Shiho-san♡


Look at it KAYーーーー!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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