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2017-07-31 22:59:31
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today’s Mizuki✨
During today’s shoot I went with the lip make-up that the make-up artist recommended to meEmoji


How is itーEmoji



Today we finished working earlier than scheduled, it makes me kinda happyEmoji




An announcement for everyoneEmoji


Morning Musume。 on 9/14 this year, it’ll welcome it’s 20th anniversary since formationEmoji


And the event being done to celebrate the 20th anniversary has been scheduledEmoji


And, the songs being shown at that event is being decided on by everyone through pollEmojiEmoji


From Morning Musume。 songs (Aliased, and derivative units too)


The songs you want the 14 of us to sing and
the unit memberes thought up by everyone is on the poll tooEmoji


9/14(Thr) Morning Musume。 20th Formation Anniversary Event 〜 For Our 21st Year Gambateikimaashoi!〜(Temp


I hope it’ll be a fun event〜Emoji


The polling period until 8/14(Mon) 12:00!


We’ll be waiting for everyone cheering for Morning Musume。’s votesEmoji


A one night only celebratory eventEmoji
Let’s have a fun day kayEmoji



With Tomato and tomato lover Akanechinドキドキ





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