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2017-08-02 22:59:22
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


At yesterday shoots, when Mizuki was putting on her make-up Masaki-chan went,


「Fukunura-sa〜n! Can I give you a manicure〜??」


She said that so I let her do itEmoji


Masa being skilled at it is something only Fukunura-san says! she saidーEmojiEmoji


Is that soーEmoji
Masaki-chan is good at it I think but maybe I’m wrongEmojiEmoji


She gave me a darker pink with beige-ish top coat on itEmoji


Masaki-chan did about 3 coats so it took some time to dryEmoji


Like this〜♡
The completed look ended up like metal pink ✨


Masaki-chan thank you yahーEmoji





Yesterday I went to have a meal with the older sister group♪♪♪


Since Eripon turned 20 let’s go celebrate with everyone! Saying that we decided on itEmoji


Harunan taught us about yet another yummy shop〜Emoji


The same karaage but they had 2 types,
We went, “Seーno!” picking and it was 2 verse 2
This continued for about 3 timesEmoji


Those times we were WaiWai excited, it was funEmoji


We said we should go again yahーEmojiEmoji











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