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2017-08-03 16:04:34
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I read Furuya Usamaru-sensei’s 「Joshikousei ni Korosaretai」 but,


For me it’s absurdly interesting, it’s become a work I love!!


I’m ofーーーーーーーーten going through it!










It’s so interesting it’s got my face puzzled. lol




It’s the story of a man who became a high school teacher because he wanted to be killed by a high school girl but, it’s not at the level of doing things just for greed!


It’s suspense, up to now reading these things, there’s foreshadowing, and I like finding and thinking about the hints I can find myself but, speaking about the foreshadowing in this work, the unbelievable unveiling and unbelievable unveiling surprises me.
But they aren’t unreasonable unveiling so reading it feels great! It’s that feeling like, “I see huhー.”


Morover, after I finished reading it it had a bad aftertasteー.


It’s the best you know! lol




I’ll still only read 5 of Furuya Usamaru-sensei’s works but, of them, I like this one the most (*´◒`*)



Vol. 2 is completed so, those interesting, by all means!








Asobista’s 「Morning Musume。’17 Idol Nama Kassen Kunitori Tenka Touitsu 〜2017 Natsu no Jin〜」


has started!!



This time, Morning Musume。’17’s members are split into 4 armies for this competition!


I, unchanging form before, am the yellow army’s supreme commander☆



By all means please support me kay ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



For details go here♡







A scene from the meal from that day of shoots〜〜☆









Akanechin, Odashi, Nonaka, Yokoyama
they ate on one sofa neatly close together (*´◒`*)




It’s cute〜〜╰(*´︶`*)╯♡




Everyone is each on a separate color army so, when we’re fighting it’s BachiBachi BuzzBuzz〜〜!!



But when it’s meal time it’s like this you know♡






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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