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2017-08-08 23:23:12
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I, I didn’t notice…




The last blog, my own name is



IikuboHarumaki I made it that somehow…!!






I knew from the blog comments,


and Ayumin and Maーchan touching on it…







Or rather messing around too much those 2!!!!










That was not a bug with my phone, the other day, I wrote 「Harumaki」 so it happened you know… lol






Oh that’s right! My phone!!!!



I safely changed models!!!(*´꒳`*)




I’m sorry to worry you _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




I got an iPhone7〜〜!




Just, I haven’t moved my data yet so I don’t have pictures ( ;  ; ) After all←




And so I’ll put up a picture I just took of HoyaHoya fresh me kay♡













Sorry you know♡






And yesterday, I had the work I write I was looking forward to!








A TV show together with Nakagawa Shouko-san〜〜(*´◒`*)











「Oー!!Mai Kamisama!!」



9/4(Mon) Late Night 24:58~




Is the broadcast☆




I got to see Nakagawa-san passionately talking about DraQue with my own eyes!



Getting to be together with Bakushou Mondai Tanaka-san, Kazureーzaー-san too, it was very much an honor (*´꒳`*)



By all means please check it out!







Tanaka-san, I grew up with the Bakuchuー Mondai’s nonsense song so I was very happy…!!



When I was small for some reason that song, scared me and my little sister, when we did bad things my Mama would sing it! lol


Why was it scary… kids are mysterious huh〜〜(*´-`)



Now a days I love the nonsense song!♪






For today it seems it’s world cat day huh♡



On a day like that I have the perfect song.




「Obaka neko to Obaka neko Baka no Uta」




With juice=juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan, the 2 of us get to sing it♪



Please listen to it lots, and love it kay〜〜




For the MV it’s here









And lastly a fantastic announcement for everyone…!




On 11/8〜11/9 there’s a thing to look forward to…!!



There will be an announcement on 8/25 on the fanclub’s WEB site…!!






Huhu, huhuhuhuhu







For my clothes today, pink tops with denim〜〜
Look at it KAYーーーー(*´꒳`*)





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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