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2017-08-08 23:28:42
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today before work we went to TVAsahi-san’s TVAsa Festival〜Emoji


It’s a continous custom every year to go with EriponEmoji





for this year it was with Mizuki’s little bro, the 3 of us wentEmoji


It’s summer vacation huh〜Emoji
All around, there were lots of little kids and familiesEmoji
Eripon looking at the little kids looked so happyEmoji


Last year each of getting one was great huhー we talked about it so this year we each got one too


Mizuki’s is peachEmojiEmoji


My little brother bought peach from a different store but for some reason he came out wiht strawberryーEmojiEmoji


But for Mizuki I liked my little bro’s strawberry one moreEmoji
so it’s luckyEmoji


Eripon’s chosen blue hawaii had pineapple sauce, it was sour, and deliciousEmojiEmoji


Even so today’s heat wasn’t holding backEmoji
Sheesh just walking I ended up sweating


We didn’t have time so it was just for a little bit but we went to the food court tooEmoji
We heard all kinds of my little brother’s school stories〜Emoji


Little bro, before taking care going home
we saw him to the train station and said byebye there〜Emoji


Kakigoori in the heatカキ氷
I did my best with work after that tooEmoji
Tomorrow too I’ll do my bestEmoji


I’ts hot so please take care of your physical condition kayEmoji





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