SUGAO✩Cosmetics✩I Tried Using Them So Report ÜP!!!!!

2017-12-04 13:23:54



From today
It’s Chinmoku practice!!!!!

We’ll be together until quite late so
I’ll focus and do my best!

Today during my make-up I did this!
I tried using them♡


From the SUGAO cosmetics I got
Today was this cream eye shadow付けまつげブラシ





Cream shadow but
without smearing a lot PetaPeta
It comes on with ease!!!

For the color





I’ll put up a movie too kay!!!!!
[tl note: Please view video that is in this location on her blog]


When the light hits it it sparklesーー!


Cream Cheek







It looks cute too!!!!!
It seems yummy←

This here cream cheek too
with SaraSara smooth finger feeling, it’s very
easy to put onー!

It finished like thisキラキラ





It feels goodーーー!






Lip tint唇


SaraSsara smoothly
with out being BetoBeto sticky
It seems like it’ll be hard to come off, that’s great!!






LIP, I have some
That is
Red and so

This pink I don’t have so
It makes me happyyyyラブ






Putting this on, from the top
I put some on!!

PurunPurun jelly like
lips唇 completeキラキラ



SUGAO-san♡ Thank you so much!

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