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2017-12-04 22:55:54
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today I did various dance lessonsEmoji


Recently with Nonaka, we talked about CECIL McBEE clothes lots yah


Personally, Nonaka wearing clothes said in English really hits the mark….Emoji


Today well,… her lesson pants had 「DANCEREmoji」 written on them!!Emoji


It’s English proficient Nonaka so it’s permeating slowly JiwaJiwa!EmojiEmoji




The YoungGanGan I shot around summer!
Actually it was shot together with Santa-sanEmoji
That’s currently on saleEmojiEmoji


Hasty Mizuki-santaEmoji
Entering from the fireplaceEmojiEmoji


I want a fireplace yahEmoji



12/5(Tue) 21:00〜 BS Skypaー!-san
「FULL CHORUS ~Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu~」[tl: Music is a Full Chorus]
2 weeks in a row! Hello!Project Special 2017Emoji


Last week it was Angerme, Juice=Juice, and Tsubaki Factory, those 3 groupsEmoji


This week it’s Morning Musume。’17 and Kobushi Factory appearing♪♪


The talk with Becky-san and Hama・Okamoto-san was exciting tooEmojiEmoji


We get to sing 2 songs too, happinessEmoji


By all means! Watch Morning Musume。’s songs in full chorus kay!




And, in tonight’s 「The Girls Live」 broadcast
we’re introducing the album 「⑮Thank you,too」〜!
By all means please watch it!


I’m a little… tired already…


Today moving and thinking I wore myself out so〜 I’m sleeping





Look at the announcements too kayEmoji



Morning Musume。20th
「Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)」 MV Distribution!



「Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)」 Distribution!
→  【mora】
【mora Hi-Res】


 → 【】


Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Commemorative New Song
「Gosenfu no Tasuki」
【mora Hi-res】  
Distributing here too!




Morning Musume。’s first release like this in about 3 years
15th Original AlbumEmoji


「⑮Thank you,too」


Releasing 12/6Emoji
Please support usEmoji


Fukumura Mizuki Birthday Event 2017 CM


20th Year’s Morning Coffee 20th Anniversary Cafe Tickets can be purchased here
It’s until the 12/10〜!!




At the Tokyo・Shibuya  HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA 6F  「hmv museum」
「Morning Musume。 museum ―Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Comemmoration―」 now being heldEmoji


Starting with the discography looking back through history
An exhibit of outfits used in MVs and Lives, set up photo spots recrating music videosEmoji
Acrylic key holder and collection cards being sold as exhibit commemorative goods tooEmoji


11/24~12/24 for a limited time!
By all means! Please get your fill of Morning Musume。 kay♪








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