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2018-02-19 21:45:42
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Last night, the 10ki 4 members got together and went to eat a meal〜!!










Yakiniku with Ishida Ayumi-chan, Satou Masaki-chan, and Kudou Haruka-chan♪




For the first time in a while the 4 of us gathered but, it didn’t feel like a while at all yah! lol


Well, maybe it’s because we’ve been hanging out individually too ( ^ω^ )






But well, the back and forth is of course 10ki ya knowー, that came up a lot!





Maーchan 「Yukhoe, what does it become when you grill itー??」




Kuduー 「Hey Iikubo-san, what does it become? Can you tell us?(NiyaNiya smirking)」




Me 「Yakke(焼っけ) isn’t it?」
[tl note: Yukhoe is spelled “Yukke” in japanese, and Yakke is a joke on word for “grilled”]













That kinda back and forth!!!




Does it come acrossー。!? lol lol





It was a cheery fun meal meet-up☆








And today is Morito Chisaki-chan’s 18th birthday☆


Chiichan Happy Birthday〜!!











Tropica〜l Lovi〜ng Chiichan (*´꒳`*)







Extremely Cutesy!!!!




Extremely!!! Cutesy!!!!






Have a fantasy age 18 kay (*´∀`*)






For my clothes today I’m wearing the shirt I bought in South Korea♪
Look at it KAY(*’▽’*)





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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