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2018-02-19 23:00:09
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Today 2/19 is
Morito Chisaki-chan’s birthday♪


18 years old!
happy birthdayEmojiクラッカー
Adult ChiichanウインクEmoji


With her joining Morning Musume。 I got closer to Chiichan’s being and I noticed all kinds of ChiichanEmoji


Chiichan’s funninessEmoji and her JK-nessEmojiEmoji


Chiichan at night she gets excitedEmoji


Cracks me up~Seriously~ like that~ like thisEmoji


Chii buying different flavored toothpasteEmojiEmoji


WHen it’s pumpkin flavor
It’s bad so please try it〜 she distributed it to usEmojiEmojiEmoji


Think is that so, she has a suprising mental strength and is pretty cool
seems I can see lots of new faces still


Have a fantastic 18 years old too〜Emoji




Today was Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」 recording too♪


The guest is…
Kobushi Factory   Wada Sakurako-chanEmoji
Jumping around while talking alone at the beginningEmoji
Fukumura no Heya’s first… manga talk and stuff


The things I wanted to talk about a lot before we got to do tooEmoji


Wada SakuEmojisakoEmoji
There’s all kinds of things we can call her but


Mizuki wanted to try calling her in a slightly different wayEmojiEmoji


It releases 2/27〜EmojiEmoji


Please continue to support meEmoji



After that, I had work with Country Girls’s Yamaki Risa-chan too♪
What is it is still secret〜 look forward to thatEmoji





1/28  24:00〜


From Mini・Album 「Hatachi no Morning Musume。」 a jump start


「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
「Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)」 is being distributedEmoji


◆Morning Musume。’18 「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
※On the Link pages above, you can view it from the distribution start.
☆Preview Video is Here☆


I downloaded it! Hearing you say that makes me happyEmoji
「UTB+Vol.42」 (Hello!Pro Members appearing together)
「CD Journal」 (’18 All Members)
「BIG ONE GIRLS」 (Fukumura, Ikuta, Oda, Haga, Morito)
「BOMB」 (Fukumura, Morito, Iikubo, Nonaka, Yokoyama) Now released!!!




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