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2018-02-22 22:55:56
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is 13ki member
Yokoyama Reina-chan’s birthday〜♪


Happy birthdayEmoji
She’s 17Emoji


Yokoyan having a wealth of facial expression
is really wonderfulEmojiEmojiEmoji


Yokoyan, saying, 「it’s cute huh」
saying, 「it’s funny huh」
saying 「that was coolー」


No matter what she says she reacts with funny facesEmoji


Not just funny faces
even in performances lately I’ve noticed her sexy expressions I think? There are times it feels that way!


Her cute one is perfect you knowEmoji
From here on too show all kinds of expressions a lot kayEmoji


Have a fantastic yearEmoji




February is the Musume。 birthday rush huh




Well〜 Today is cat dayEmojiEmoji


NyanNyanNyaーn and
BuruNyaーn and


Our Puramu crying out tooEmoji


Today for Puramu-chan it was a very special dayEmojiEmoji


Puramu’s baby tooth came outEmoji



Cats teeth come out too〜 It surprised me but


It’s obvious maybe?EmojiEmoji



A, A message from Puramu to everyoneー


NyanNyanNyan ^ↀᴥↀ^


Today was cat day nyan
It’s Fukumura-san family’s PuramuーEmoji


I like paperbags
I like vinyl
I like boxes


I like snacks but, I’m not good at eating it Chu〜ru slurp I end up BetaBeta messy all over so… I don’t get to have it much nyanEmoji


Baths aren’t bad but I don’t like dryers nyanEmoji


I love my dog big sister Kurara too but, I accidentally give her a cat punch nyan


^ↀᴥↀ^ YurushitenyanEmoji


Puramu likes being in Mizuki-chan’s blanket nyan





Like that!EmojiEmoji






1/28  24:00〜


From Mini・Album 「Hatachi no Morning Musume。」 a jump start


「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
「Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)」 is being distributedEmoji


◆Morning Musume。’18 「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
※On the Link pages above, you can view it from the distribution start.
☆Preview Video is Here☆


I downloaded it! Hearing you say that makes me happyEmoji
「UTB+Vol.42」 (Hello!Pro Members appearing together)
「CD Journal」 (’18 All Members)
「BIG ONE GIRLS」 (Fukumura, Ikuta, Oda, Haga, Morito)
「BOMB」 (Fukumura, Morito, Iikubo, Nonaka, Yokoyama) Now released!!!
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Guest Tanimoto Ami-chan now releasedEmoji
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here☆



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