2018-02-23 20:54:20


In the previous blog



Seeking out stickers,
I spent like an hour looking for a target location but it couldn’t be found so I gave up, I talked about it yah!?




Telling my friend they bought some for meチョキ




Really I’m gratefulお願いお願いお願い





As if it were nothing my friend bought 1 sheet as their own share tooーーー lol





Showing all kinds of stickers to that friend, they have a habit of always focusing until the very end looking at themーー



Well what do you know, you like them yourself too huhー!!!! lol lol






Aーー!!! Really stickers are the best♡


The desire for stickeres doesn’t stop yah♡♡♡♡♡









Me todayラブラブ
Today was a shootーーーーイエローハートイエローハートイエローハート流れ星
It felt great so, look forward to it…ハートハートハート流れ星
















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