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2018-02-23 23:00:31
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today it was a from morning to evening〜 kind of dayEmoji


Joujou Gundan Sawayaka Gorou-san,
Oda Sakura-chan and Fukumura, the 3 of us on locationEmoji


Oda Sakura-chan was the youngest among us!
For the first time in a while her little sis like character came out yah〜Emoji


Oda for what seems like the first time looked like she was full on having fun, I’m glad I’m gladEmoji


Aaaaa, now I want to soak in a war~~〜m ZabuーnーEmojiEmojiEmoji


In a dream if she saw an onsen she’d unmistakably jump for itEmojiEmoji


Nearby was a really really cold place!
The cold, had us huddling but
today we got to encounter lots of 「comfort」 tooEmoji


It’s coming out in the later third of march so look forward to itEmoji




That said, the giant snowman my little bro and cousin made finally melted


So sloーーーwEmojiEmoji


Since it melted I should put out a picture! That’s what I felt! lol



Wellーum, my height is
generally I’m around 162cm or so but still…
it’s quite tall!Emoji


What kind of energy did they have to make this kind of snowman huh!Emoji
Really youth is so amazingEmojiEmoji


That size
Thinking that we already can’t see this snowman who waited for everyone to come home every day without melting it hurts my heart…*cry*


See you next year? We’ll meet again next snow day won’t we?ーEmoji






Takahashi Ai-san, Michishige Sayumi-san, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us got to do a
「Morning Musume。 Leader Conference」.
This time is the last episode!
By all means please watch




Started in January, the Hello!Project Concerts tomorrow are at their funny day!


All right! Until the very end let’s have fun with all our powerー!
We’ll be waiting in HiroshimaEmoji





1/28  24:00〜


From Mini・Album 「Hatachi no Morning Musume。」 a jump start


「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
「Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)」 is being distributedEmoji


◆Morning Musume。’18 「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」
※On the Link pages above, you can view it from the distribution start.
☆Preview Video is Here☆


I downloaded it! Hearing you say that makes me happyEmoji
「UTB+Vol.42」 (Hello!Pro Members appearing together)
「CD Journal」 (’18 All Members)
「BIG ONE GIRLS」 (Fukumura, Ikuta, Oda, Haga, Morito)
「BOMB」 (Fukumura, Morito, Iikubo, Nonaka, Yokoyama) Now released!!!
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Guest Tanimoto Ami-chan now releasedEmoji
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here☆





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