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2018-04-08 22:53:39


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Today was Eripon’s home area
Concerts in Fukuoka prefecture♪




Everyone who attended
Thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))


2 Days of being fired up, amazingーEmoji


There were lots of impressive points!
The concert was so fun音譜



The four energy Nonaka talked about yesterday!!!!


I felt that恋の矢


Everyone’s power was amazing so I need to give more and mover back for that! I sang thatEmoji



Today was Eripon’s home area and so…


Lately the parts Eripon sings
I’ve been feeling like she’s got amazing impressive parts and a gentle singing voice, and her dance too


Even as gen mates I can’t lose to herーEmojiEmoji I felt that




Even in the same concert tour each and every performance is different.


And so the feeling you can only feel there, I was able to share them with everyone today too, that made me happy Emoji



Just starting the new year, and new lives
I think there are those of you who came down even when you’re busy, or worn out but
For those like that, today’s performance brought the energyEmoji
I once again felt like I want to make it as much of a think that can sooth everyone as we can


Mizuki felt it you knowEmoji


Thank you so much always♪


All the feelings from everyone to Morning Musume。’18 brings us a great deal of full supportEmoji


Really it was a warm spaceEmoji



Today’s performance
13ki Kaga Kaede due to stomach flu, was given the day off from performances.


Everyone who looked forward to her
we apologize for the worry and trouble


Kaediー was also looking forward to seeing everyone in Fukuoka so, it’s very unfortunate



I want to come back to Fukuoka with all Musume。 together and well again!


Thank you so muchEmoji





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Satou Masaki-chan guest, now distributing〜


Hello!Radio 「Tonari no Yajimanchi」
Fukumura Mizuki Guest, now distributing〜
Now testing, you can hear from Radio#1Emoji
Those of you looking into it by all means please try listening to it♪
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration Here☆


「Audition Holding Announcement」




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