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2018-04-09 21:58:20


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Hearing that today is already April 9th, I was surprisedーEmoji


Here’s April released magazine annoouncements〜Emoji


First off, CDjournal-san Mook


『HELLO! PROJECT COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK』 20th Commemorative Edition
Now on saleEmoji


With Country Girls’ Yamaki Risa-chan I got to talk about it as the theme for 「Hello!Wota Discussion」!


It was interesting
「I’m in awe at Hello!Wota〜」
Risa-chan said that kind of stuff


I thought like, ヾノ゚∀゚*)no no no no!!Emoji


The 2 of us featured and talked in detail of our favorite songs
there are lots of spots we ended up getting fierd up talking〜EmojiEmoji


With others too, Takahashi Ai-san, Yajima Maimi-san, and Wada Ayaka-san’s discussions


interviews with Tsunku♂san, the director-san who is always recording with us, and the writer-san


Disc Review Authors


And what I want to give attention too, the drawn illustrations!!!
NakaG-san, Mizushina Yakayuki-san, Kindaichi Renjuurou-san drew for usEmoji


I look forward to all the pagesEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Everyone it’s must-seeEmoji



4/18(Weds) 「blt graph.vol.30」
I got to do a Fukumura Mizuki Solo shoot♪


My first appearance in blt graph-san Emoji


it’s a magazine with more mature expressions than usual! taking that explanation, it was a shoot where I was told to move freely too〜Emoji


The shoot location was fun tooEmoji



4/24(Tue) 「smart」 (Fukumura・Iikubo・Ishida・Kaga・Yokoyama)
Mizuki got to look more mature than her ageEmoji


About 「Aventures/Infinity War」


With Aruko&Piーsu, those 2
Fukumura, Iikubo, and Ishida, the 3 of us joined in the discussion!


Finally the day when I get to interact with Ironman through work…!!!Emoji


It made me happy〜Emoji


I want to rewatch the Avengers DVD properly and then go see the 4/27 release of Infinity War♪♪



4/26(Thr) 「Shuukan Shounen Champion」


All the Morning Musume。’18 members on the front coverEmoji
Super Super Super Summer!
With everyone it felt like we went to Hawaii♪
I feel like you can see lots of smiles, a fresh Morning Musume。Emoji




Gotta check〜 check it〜
Please do us the favorEmoji





Today was dance lessons!
I memorized the choreography quickly ( ̄ー+ ̄)KiraーnEmoji


With Maria who I was next to the dressing room the day before last〜♪Emoji




Coming home I went to eat with Papa and Mama〜Emoji


The 2 of them eating
that one bite plea〜ase attackEmoji
The one bite plea〜se poseEmoji




Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Satou Masaki-chan guest, now distributing〜


Hello!Radio 「Tonari no Yajimanchi」
Fukumura Mizuki Guest, now distributing〜
Now testing, you can hear from Radio#1Emoji
Those of you looking into it by all means please try listening to it♪
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration Here☆


「Audition Holding Announcement」




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