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2018-05-11 21:16:15
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Today after radio, I had shoots together with Ogata Haruna-chan the 2 of us (*´◒`*)


It’s 5/24’s release of 「B.L.T.」-san!



Wearing fantastic one pieces, clinging together, lying together, we took various shots〜!



I can’t show offshots yet so…


Pictures from yesterday!




Yesterday was 「The Girls Live」 recording but, it was Ogata’s last recording before her graduation.


After it was finished, from the staff-san she got a Job Well Done and a fantastic cake!!



It was long awaited but she did a cake cutting (*´꒳`*)←












「Iikubo-san why are you that NoriNori high spirited?ー!」


Perplexed Ogata. lol




After this with everyone we got yummy cake!♡







Tomorrow is my visual photobook 「female」’s release dayー☆














Behind Ogata getting flowers I got to advertise by chance. Tehe




At last tomorrow is the release!



Waーーー, I’m nervous yahhーー!




By all means I want to deliver it to lots of you(*´◒`*)



You can get it at the concert venue too so, those of you coming to the Ehime prefecture concert tomorrow by all means♡






Tonight, with shoots finished, I at yummy food with Ogata and got lots of energy so, with that power I’ll have fun at the concert too☆




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