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2018-05-11 21:55:27
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Avengers/Infinity War」
With my parents the 3 of us went to see itEmoji
Fukumura family is a movie loving familyEmojiEmoji


Ironman, Captain America
Mighty Thor, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and stuff…


We’re purchasing the MARVEL works DVDs too andEmoji


With the magazine smart-san
Aruko & Piーsu, Taiko-san, and Sakai-san
Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura, Iikubo, Ishida, the 5 of us had a talk then were looking forward to the movie opening, so looking forward to itEmojiEmojiEmoji


I wentEmoji


No matter what I say it seems like it’d be a spoiler…EmojiEmoji


I want to talk about Thanos too… I want to say something


But I can’t sayEmojiEmoji


Those of you thinking about going, I recommend watching 「Mighty・Thor」EmojiEmoji
[tl note: Thor movies are named “Mighty Thor” in Japan]


In our talk Taiko-san was saying it,
for as many people up to now that haven’t seen it, there are plenty that are instantly looking forward to Avengers so


There are those watching it from one huhEmojiEmoji
Each person has a way of enjoying itEmoji


Yaa〜 I’m interested in how it’ll continueee




Today was Hello!Radio
「Fukumura no Heya」 recording tooEmoji


In the short time to the deadline, we got lots of letters, thank you so muchEmoji
This episode’s guest is Juice=Juice Danbara Ruru-chanEmoji


We had nostalgic talk about when she came along with the tour and stuff〜Emoji
Admiration of senpai, and home area talk, certain songs
there was lots of info about the trainee’s recital too so, we talked about each and every letter slowyEmoji


The pace talking with Danbaran became slower too〜Emoji


It was relaxing or, maybe it’s Danbaran’s personality maybeEmoji
Gently and comfortably, it became a recording that was like in tea timeEmojiEmoji


Lots of talk, I got to know even more about DanbaranEmojiEmoji


The gap between her normal and stage self is intense!
She just turned 17\( *´ω`* )/


5/22〜 distributingEmoji
Please wait for itEmoji




Well, tomorrow is Shikoku cons〜〜〜♪


I want to ride the Anpanman train yahーーEmoji


Ehime prefecture Himegin Hall Main Hall
we’ll be waitingEmoji




Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here
Pharaoh no Haka 〜Jaou Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



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・Lawson Ticket

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・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performance) 



Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Handshake Event》 Scheduled
6/19(Tue) Budokan Performance
「Morning Musume。 Creation 20th Anniversary Commemorative Concert 2018 Spring〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜 Final」


Blog Priority Application has started!


〜5/14(Mon) 23:59.
Please do us the favor766.gif






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