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2018-05-15 22:01:33
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Yesterday, I ended up saying up late too…Emoji
Saying what do you do everyday, there’s reading with pleasure too ya know…


It’s, it’s manga though yahEmojiEmoji


And like Yakimochi-san I’m doting on my pet doggy, kitty, and crabbyしっぽフリフリネコかに座


I have lots of pet ○ーーーEmojiEmoji


Today I’m gotta go to sleep soonーEmoji(lies




Yesterday while on the move for work,
Ayumi-chan, Yokoyan, and I went to procure some Crisp Salad Works for evening meal though yahEmojiEmoji


Mizuki always orders, as a hipster,
beloved celery and raisins,Emoji
with romaine lettuce and applesリンゴ in it but


Substituting the nuts with brocolli and basil dressing added onEmoji


It’s become Mizuki’s all over the place salad〜Emoji




You can customize it the way you like so it’s fun, and yummyEmoji
It’s a salad but there’s grain rice and chicken tooEmoji


Next time I want to get it with raw carrots yah♪♪


There isn’t anyone who can’t eat carrotsにんじ rightー😏?


Looking at yesterday’s comments, I was surprised but,
Mizuki made a mistake with the character she’d want to beーEmoji


Who Mizuki wanted to be was
Not FAIRYTAIL’s Natsu but Lucy!


I write it on fainy memory and made a mistakeEmojiEmojiEmoji



That said I thought but…
Mutual trust with Zen and an honest heart
able to summon all kinds of things, extending limbs, fighting strongly, MoteMote popular with the accompanying convoy
Lastly there’s the three hero protecting
I want to be that kind of heroine!EmojiEmoji


Mixing all kinds of things they’d end up the strongest huhEmojiEmoji


Ah, of course weapon wise I’m with bows ( ̄ー+ ̄*) kiraーnEmoji



Everyone what do you want to be〜EmojiEmoji


For tomorrow’s practice too I’ll focus and do my bestーEmoji





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