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2018-05-16 21:35:26
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Today too was all day play practice!


We did practice once through from beginning to endー!



I realized it’s just 2 weeks until the show…!



There’s still a ways to go so I want to pack in what I can to the time limit!





This time the Ankensen-hime I’m supporting is Makino Maria-chan!









With all I got, this Nella is already thinking of her adoringly (*´꒳`*)




Rue played by Yokoyama Reina-chan too, she shows good style, it’s cute!









Oh my, everyone each has their fill of good points so, for sure those who come to watch I think they’ll feel like they don’t have enough eyes☆


But I want to do that kind of play yah…!





Well you know, talk shows commemorating the shows has been scheduled☆




5/25 and 30 at the Hello!Shop Tokyo Akihabara Shop, 2 a day, doing 4 in total



I, Iikubo, Fukumura Mizuki-san, Makino Maria-chan, and Morito Chisaki-chan, we’re appearing on the the 1st show on the 25thー!


MC is Kitabayashi Asuka-san ( ^ω^ )!



New and old Ankensen and Ari!
I’m looking forward to itー!



By all means we’ll be waiting!





Speaking of Akihabara, I can’t forget it, my visual photobook release commemoration handshake event☆



At last it’s the day after tomorrow!



For details go here





Getting to hear everyone’s voices directly makes me happy (*´꒳`*)


And I’m thinking I get to talk about this visual photobook’s shoot stories and under-themes so by all means please come and meet with me kayーっ(*´◒`*)!!







I updated WEAR, look at it KAYーーー!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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