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2018-05-16 22:07:38
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today’s play practice


「Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu〜」 There’s not much left until opening day


We can’t let practice time get taken like this so
We gotta cram in as much as we can!!!


With that feeling,
I’ll practice treasuring the time.


Today there is the 2nd run-through practice but
With the free time and breaks we’re discussing it
and checking everything with all the castEmojiEmoji



Run-through practice,
Aa… This girl feels like this I think… I end up thinking about all kinds of things
Even though we’re on the acting side, there’s times when I feel like the watching side too.


Doing that kind of GusuGusu sniffling
Song teacher Ecchan-sensei
Like that?! so much that it’d make us cry, it’s cuteー♡Emoji



With appearing together with us this time Shimizu Saki-san, and Ayumin♪♪
Today just for a little bit we talked about Berryz Koubou-san〜Emoji



Tomorrow is a break from practice so
I’ll make it a day to sort it out in my headEmoji


Yup that’s right… earlier when I going home
They said Job Well Done




I made a mistake and ended up saying OyasuMizukiーーEmoji
Thinking about what I should write on my blog and stuff
naturally saying OyasuMizuki was part of it!!!Emoji


After that the older sister group laughed
When going home it was OyasuMizuki〜 as saying byebyeEmojiEmojiEmoji



Today’s breakfast


As NemuneMura [tl note: Nemu/sleepy + Fukumura] I’m not opening my eyesEmojiEmoji


Well then OyasuMizukiEmojiEmoji






MC Uemura Akari植村あかり
Memory Dictionary (Morito Chisaki)
Oshiete 〇〇-sensei (Kaga Kaede・Morito Chisaki)
Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Audition Being Held


Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
(P Code: 485 from 561)


・Lawson Ticket
(L code: 33707)




・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here







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