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2018-07-04 21:22:58
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This morning, half asleep I was watching 「ZIP!」
And they were talking about last year’s collabo appearance we got to do with Sexy Zone-san, 「Morning Sexy」, it suprirsed me awake〜(*´◒`*)


I’m grateful it was remembered〜〜!


We as 「Sexy Morning Musume。」, called us 「SekuMusume。」 so, Sexy Zone-san went with 「Morning Sexy」〜, I think lol lol



I feel like it’d be great to get to do that kind of earnest collab with each groups full power again (`・∀・´)*sharp*






I you know, I haven’t been restarting AiNana this whole time, and since part 3 released, reading that is frazzling…!!


Meanwhile, while I’ve been spending time ZuruZuru dragging along,



Fukumura Mizuki-san had restarted it earlier, and she’s really very into it and recommending it so…



Finally yesterday I restarted!! lol



This weekend is the commemorate as much as you can AiNana Live huh! I can’t go though!_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


Not being able to go is really rough.
Already I realized I couldn’t go when it got announced but even so it’s rough. lol lol










With Fukumura-san doing the i7(AiNana) Pose.



(I, resolute with the thought that it’s for rehearsals, put eyetape on my eye, or rather, adhesive.) lol



I’m still in part three but, IchiIchi coolness gives me goosebumps, it makes me feel like I’m gonna cry,



When I see cute things and cool things,







That’s all I can say you know, it can give me that response??



「Cool」「Cute」 I can’t say until the end. lol lol




I’m continuing in that state.


Well, Soーchan’s 「Maybe」’s “Maybe”, the way it’s said is so my oh my.



I want to see the new songs, and read the new story, I’m immersed in this wave of joy so much that it’s scary, it’s quite joyful now!




I’ll say it again, My oshimen is TenTen and Soーchan…(White-kun get me GuiGui pushed in).






A, while I was taking this picture with Fukumura-san, on front of us Ikuta Erina-san was doing poses like she was getting herself taken so, I couldn’t help it I took one of her.







This is satisfying right, Ikuta-san.






For my clothes today, I’m in the look I had for the visual photobook release event the other day in Osaka.
I didn’t put it on WEAR so I did it again.
The Takahashi Ai-san collabo one piece!
Look at it KAYーーーーーーー(*´◒`*)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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