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2018-07-04 22:22:31
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today before work…♪*゚


I went to see EmojiEmojiSore Ike! Anpanman Kagayake! Kurun to Inochi no HoshiEmojiEmoji [tl approx: GO THERE! Anpanman Shine! Kurun and the Life Star]☆


Lost among the little kids and Mamas… was Mizuki and her Mama…EmojiEmoji



An-san voice acting EmojiKurunEmoji


From the looks the character is a hit but
The voice is very cute tooEmojiEmoji
it’s like a little boy I like itEmoji


And this time, Baikinman’s highlight part is amazingEmoji


GuGguGgu coming from my heart soEmoji


Already moved, seeming like I would cry
I talked about it with the members


That’d make me emotionalーー! They saidEmojiEmoji


Getting confirmation from the members too, it’s that good, if I could I want to go see it againEmoji


I felt like it’s been a while since all the comrades to Anpanman that are always there were gathered huhEmojiEmoji


It being the 30th anniversary is a story starting point
Yanase Takashi-san talked about itー and so
I felt like it’s fantasticEmoji


Anpanman and Baikinman are justice〜っ⋆*✩⑅◡̈⃝*


In the theater the little kids were all loudly giving their support to Anpanman too you know
Hitting their ☆shaped tambourines too, it was cuteEmoji


The production was fantastic too, it was really funEmoji





After being soothed I did my best with Summer Hello! rehearsals too-yonEmoji


During our meal I talked with Harunan about AiNana part 3EmojiEmoji
Today was a hobby day all day I think 😏Emoji



Today’s Shifukumura [tl note: Shifuku/casual clothes + Fukumura]
I got it from Takahashi Ai-sanー♡


haco! PBP  Takahashi Ai-san collabo
handwritten heart embroidery, ringer TshirtEmoji
Very cuteEmoji


Navy and Orange colored Tshirt but
lately I’ve been into browns and light orange make-up so, having clothes that match it, makes me
feel RunRun cheery♪Emoji





Asahi Newspaper-san Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary ProjectEmoji
Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, Takahashi Ai-san, Niigaki Risa-san, Michishige Sayumi-san, FUkumura Mizuki, we did an interview with the 5 of us, it’s being split into 10 parts and published so
by all means please look at itEmoji


Episode 1 is Yoshizawa Hitomi-san’s first partEmoji



Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」 Distributing Today!
Guest is Yanagawa Nanami-chan!
Hello!Moba Membership registration is Here2607.gif


「Soccer Game King」 Yokoyama Reina Front Page!!
「BARFOUT!」(All Members)
「OVERTURE」(All Members)


WaniBooks 『Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary Official Book』 Now Released!!!



New songs MV Promotion Edit are released!
 →Morning Musume。’18 Channel
65th Single VR Movie
Please watch it here








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