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2018-07-07 20:55:12
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Yesterday after Music Station finished, the older groups 4 had a sleepover.




Ayumin and I both took off our make up. lol














The 4 of us enjoying our take of people〜





Just doing things like that, or I should say, Ikuta Erina-san who’s birthday is today went,


「I want to be together the moment it hits 0:00〜」


it’s because she said that.



It can’t be helped huh, the sleepover started with that feel to it. lol




We spent time watching a Doraemon movie, it didn’t at all seem like a girl hang out (゚ω゚) lol lol












But Ikuta-san seemed to be having fun so it was fine! lol






For breakfast, I made the Iikubo deluxe nori-tama bowl!


For that after waking up I went with Ikuta-san to the grocery store.



Even for one who isn’t good at cooking like me it’s a simple small meal I could make from long ago!





And today all day was Hello!Con Rehearsals so, for one thing or anoher the sleepover time was short (゚ω゚)



The next time when we do another sleepover let’s have even more fun〜!




Again, Ikuta-san, Happy 21st Birthday〜〜




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