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2018-07-07 21:55:28
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji




Today my gen mate, 9ki memberEmoji
Ikuta Erina-chan, it’s her birthdayバースデーケーキピンクマカロン
Eripon Are you Happy?
Not that!
Happy Birthday〜〜〜〜〜〜クラッカークラッカークラッカークラッカー




Eripon and Mizuki it’s just for 3 months but we’re the same age, 21EmojiEmoji



When the day changed I was the 1st to say congratulations!Emoji
Mizuki was the 1st 😏Emoji


Why… because we were together!EmojiEmoji



Harunan, Ayumin, Eripon, Mizuki, the 4 of usークローバー.*


Eripon, being UkiUki cheery the whoーーーle time watching the time
Saying, don’t look at the clock already!…Emoji


We celebrated the moment it turn to 0:00EmojiEmojiEmoji


The first sleepover…


We ate the pizza Eripon loves
We watched a movie with everyone!
We watched Doraemon and LIVE videosEmoji


We couldn’t really decide on a movieEmoji
but that kind of time is fun tooEmoji








When rehearsals finished we celebrated with all the members tooEmoji



The same birthday today, we celebrated Angerme’s Kawamura Ayano-chan’s birthday too〜Emoji


Congratulations to both of themEmoji




In one week the summer Hello!Con is starting but
I’ll do my best to firm things up even moreEmoji


We’re doing it in the 7 major cities so
By all means please come kay♪Emoji





For the 10th’s Eripon Birthday Event
Mizuki gets to appear as guest so
it feels like this year I get to celebrate Eripon even more than usualEmojiEmoji


For sure
I think we should tweet itEmoji


All the fans coming on the 10th please wait for it with anticipation kayEmoji




Asahi Newspaper-san Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary ProjectEmoji
Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, Takahashi Ai-san, Niigaki Risa-san, Michishige Sayumi-san, FUkumura Mizuki, we did an interview with the 5 of us, it’s being split into 10 parts and published so
by all means please look at itEmoji


Yoshizawa Hitomi-san Second Half is released1946.gif


Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」 Distributing Today!
Guest is Yanagawa Nanami-chan!
Hello!Moba Membership registration is Here2607.gif

Next guest is
Tsubaki Factory Ogata Risa-chanチューリップ赤


Deadline is 7/9 (Mon) 16:00


We’ll be waiting for youラブラブ





WaniBooks 『Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary Official Book』 Now Released!!!



New songs MV Promotion Edit are released!
 →Morning Musume。’18 Channel
65th Single VR Movie
Please watch it here










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