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2018-07-30 18:28:18
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Today before work I had a date with Kudou Haruka-chan (*´◒`*)♡





In the afternoon we ate at Bikkuri Donkey (The rate I have meals with Duー at Bikkuri Donkey is high)


We saw the Movie「Gekijouban Poketto Monsutaー Minna no Monogatari」 [tl: Movie Pokemon Everyone’s Story]( ^ω^ )


This year too Nakagawa Shouko-san appears in it!
The boy who broke his bone was good〜〜(*´◒`*) hihi


The recommended Torito, was OdoOdo coweringly infatuating☆



It was a warm and kind story (´;ω;`)
I cried〜〜
Pokemon is amazing huh, this lady cried〜〜


Lots of nostalgic pokemon appeared, and it depicts human drama at parts too, it was fresh!


The illustration is soft, the little girl (risa)’s thighs were impressively pretty! lol





After that kakigoori, japanese shave ice〜♡








Cute Duーchan




Today too you know, she wore the leopard patterned miniskirt I gave her as hand-me-downs, cute.



Sheesh you know, the machine gun talk didn’t stop〜〜!! lol


We each like talking so we don’t stop!


And even more so, Duー’s responses are the best or rather she’s a good listener so I end up wanting to talk you know (*´꒳`*)












Duーchan taking a bite. Cute.



With her movie and stuff it seems tough but when we meet she’s always energetic so I’m relieved (*´◒`*)


We’ll do it again when there’s time in August kay!




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