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2018-07-31 10:52:37
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Good Morning!



Today is all days shoots〜〜(*´◒`*)
There’s an interview with an often read magazine too so I had fun♪



This morning leaving my house, just like every year there were semi, cicada, in front of my house.


Every year you know, they come, upset, I end up not being able to catch them moving about, these semi.


That is, every year with help I take a two shot and put it up on the blog but, I do it while saying I’m a Semi-pro〜 (*´◒`*) lol



This year too, I was successful in taking a two shot so I’ll put it up okay,



I can’t handle semi〜〜!!



Those of you like that please scroll pass it quickly (`・∀・´)










I’m putting it up?





























It’s body is kind of a small child one.



I tried to put it on the tree outside but it wouldn’t come off at all, it was kinda cute (*´꒳`*)



Iーkubo-san’s face is different when doing make-up! there’s nothing to pointing it out huh! lol


If I drew in my eyebrows it’d be different! It’d be seriously different! lol lol







Ah, but incidentally speaking of no make-up, I’ve been careful of drinks and have tried taking all kinds of supplemental medicines! lol lol


I think it’s thanks to the skincare though!
Of course it’s the MelanoCC I think, it’s strong on acne!


In the comments of an earlier blog, there were those saying, “please tell us about the supplements you drink and sunblock,” so I’ll put it up kay.



For me I drink these every day!












The sunblock I drink
Sunbtan block one day 2 pills



Vitamin C pills one day 6 pills









L-Cysteine throughout one day 1〜3 pills



LypriCel one day 1〜2 packets




That’s it!




For the drinkable sunblock, right now I haven’t seen the effects for myself, I think it might be different per person but… and so for those taking vitamins it’s an important note!



For the vitamin C pills, I’ve already been taking them for years so, with this already I don’t know how many bottles I’ve gone through! lol



Every day on the way home I visit a convenience store, I buy KireーtoLemon and ChokoraBB then head home but,
For the ChokoraBB of the kinds I don’t make that kind of fuss picking one but, I pick the one that includes vitamin B2 and B6 (*´◒`*)




For the L-Cysteine and LypriCel I order the kind with iHerb.
Here is what the fans asked for in the comments〜!!


There were lots that fans were telling me things in the comments, the mediheal pack I introduced the other day are, I learned you can get your hands on it as a good deal from the site called Qoo10 so, next time I think I’m gonna order it from there (*゚∀゚*)kya




And, lately, other than the KireーtoLemon and the ChokoraBB I’ve only been drinking water ya know〜


I’ve ended up not really drinking juice at all!


To counter heatstroke, I drink Pokari and stuff too but, basically it’s water and, salt tablets.
I’m using Weider in Tablet salt plus but, not just salt it has 7 kinds of vitamins in it so it’s happy thing (*´◒`*)


Before now I thought if water costs money I’ll get juice〜〜, but, I’ve remarkably changed☆


A, but just once a week during Yantan, I drink whate I like♡
Milk tea latte is one of my favorites♡
DOUTOR rooibos tea latte~ mint prep~ I really like it too♡!





Well with that kind of feel that was Iーkubo-san’s drink preferences!



If you have anything else you want to ask, I’ll be waiting in the comments (*´꒳`*)♡




I’m off to shootーs!




For my clothes today, I went with a white shirt and chino pants, it’s simple!
Look at it KAYーーー



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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