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2018-08-04 22:43:12
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today at Nakano Sunplaza was the Hello!Project concertEmojiEmoji


everyone who came
Thank you so muchEmoji


Did you get to enjoy Morning Musume。’18  ?


For today the new unit’s new song showing was also explosive,
and the OG guests wwere amazing tooEmoji


For the afternoon performance
☆Yasuda Kei-san
☆Yaguchi Mari-san
☆Ichii Sayaka-san
☆Yoshizawa Hitomi-san


For the evening performance
☆Sudou Maasa-san
☆Natsuyaki Miyabi-san


With the two of them they showed 「Koi no Juubaku」 and 「Rival」EmojiEmoji
Haa〜〜 it was fantasticEmojiEmoji


Since they’ve grown up since the release time, the atmosphere they sing it in is totally different yah〜EmojiEmoji
A song I like being sung by people I like
it’s a delightEmoji


Sudou-san’s Rival 「Arigato〜!」 was the best yahEmojiEmoji
my ears and eyes were blessed ya〜Emoji
KiraKira sparkling idol Sudou-san tooEmojiEmoji
KiraKira MekiMeki sparkly glittery Miyabeam fired from her full body, Natsuyaki-san was the best tooEmoji



Appearing in the afternoon show
Yasuda Kei-san, Yaguchi Mari-san
Ichii Sayaka-san, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san
they’re appearing in tomorrow’s afternoon performance too so look forward to it〜EmojiEmoji


A, tomorrow’s evening performance is Mano-chanー\(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡


Tomorrow too, we’ll be waiting at Nakano SunplazaEmoji
Please give us your supportEmoji







The day before yesterday, Ciao Bella-san’s last live
「Ciao Bella Cincquettiチ LAST LIVE Thank yoDearest!〜」, we got to go see it!


It was really fun!


TOgether shouting CBC!!
With full power going Banzai, doing the Nanja Korya
I wanted to carry the PikaPika that the fans and Ciao Bella-san had tooEmojiEmoji


The uplifting songs funEmoji
Robin-san’s influence was amazingーEmoji
So amazing……EmojiEmoji


Hashimoto-san has a very pretty singing voice
the spotlight really suits herEmojiEmoji


Fairskinned beauty Mororin-san
her presence is gracefulEmojiEmoji


Gotou-san even though her clean sharp dancing is sexy it’s cuteEmoji
On stage there was all kinds of Gotou-sanEmojiEmoji


There was a happy surprise tooEmoji


As a surprise Oose Kaede-san and Akiyama Yurika-san appeared, and the 6 of them did 「YoungDAYS!!」


With the 4 of them it was 「With this, we were Ciao Bella Cinquetti!」 and
with all of them they did 「We were THE Possible!」


Hop Step Jump, it was the theme from their new person performance too so,
even now, it’s beloved, precious wordsEmojiEmojiEmoji


We didn’t get to do work together much but
when we meet they always give me their king voicesEmoji
This day too, they contacted meEmoji


So that we can do work together again, Fukumura will do her bestEmoji


Congratulations on your 12th anniversaryEmoji
And, for the 12 years, thank you so muchEmojiEmoji







For these how many days, my health has broken downEmoji


Everyone, take care of your health and please spend your days well kayEmoji


Mizuki will be careful tooEmoji






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