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2018-08-05 22:28:27
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today Hello!Con Nakano performance’s 2nd day
Everyone who attended, thank you so muchEmoji


For today’s Nakano Sunplaza performance, as a surprise!?


at Hello!Con 「DA PUMP」-san appeared!!!!!!



Oh my, no wayEmojiEmoji
at last…EmojiEmoji
EEeー! HowwwEmojiEmoji


I think there were all kinds of surprises but
the voices of everyone at the venue were the bestEmojiEmoji


A sudden surprise, a pride for all the fans getting to reactEmojiEmoji


A DAPUMP-san×Hello!Pro



And form that Puchimoni-san
Yaguchi Mari-san included, with 4 doing
「Happy Summer Wedding」


Deep! Deep!


The excitement was the best上矢印上矢印上矢印


Ichii Sayaka-san’s first stages in 18 years流れ星
We met for the first time yesterday so, I got to go greet herEmoji
Of course, the moment the 2ki members were all together… I was very impressedEmoji


Makoto-san’s wordsEmoji
just the wise words were fantasticEmoji






For the night guest, Mano Erina-sanEmoji


「Genkimono de Ikou!」
「My Days For You」, these 2 songs


For 「Genkimono」, up to now the members who were there as back dancers
Wada-san, Akari-chan, Rinapu〜, Karin, Sayuki, Hama-chan, Murotan, RikoRiko, MinaMina, Fukumura, the 10 of us got to do the danceEmoji


My…oh my… I can’t say anything…
In any case it’s happiness
so much I didn’t want today to end


the red cyalumes were very prettyEmoji
The Erina call was also amazingEmoji


When dancing as back up I remembered the precious feelingsEmojiEmoji
After our turn finished, I watched form the wings the whole timeEmoji



Mizuki felt it today.
I like Mano-chan’s idol form and actress form.


But number 1, I love the voice that Mano-chan givesビックリマーク


Today listening to Mano-chan’s voice singing
it felt really nostalgic, comforting, a joy
Of course, I love it! I felt thatEmojiEmoji


Today was a day overflowing with that yahEmoji
Pictures I’ll put up tomorrow kayEmoji



It was a day with all kinds of things like this but
From Hello!Project there was an important announcement too🎶


Well, this time a new song from Hello!Project


「YEAH YEAH YEAH / Akogare no Stress-free / Hana、Takenawa no Toki」


The release has been scheduled!!


The first single release in about 7 yearsEmoji


There’s events too!
Details are here


All kinds of things to look forward toEmoji


Please do check it outEmoji




Today, Kanon-chan Happy Birthda〜yEmojiEmoji


The 9ki, celebrated! All of us as adults!
Everyone was doing well









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