More Than Imagined

2018-11-26 15:08:50






It’s 4 years since I graduated Morning Musume。
And 2 years since I announced my return


that much time has passed!!!!!






To be frank…
I’m surprised! It happened fast💦💦💦💦




4 years ago today and
2 years ago today
I remember it vividly yahお願い




Since then, 4 years
since then, 2 years
Absolutely time flows fast huhーー💦




If there’s just one thing to say it’s
now I’m really happy ❤️




4 years ago, 2 years ago,
there’s things from then that went as I imagined too
but, there’s lots of ways it’s more than I imagined ❤️





It’s thanks to everyoneラブラブラブラブラブラブ



I’m really happy I got to meet everyone ❤️








For me of course it’s a special dayピンクハート



A precious day with all the fansピンクハートピンクハート







And, today,
2018’s 11/26, since this morning I had shootsハート





WakuWaku Exciting and DokiDoki heart-pounding💓



Later, I’ll put up details but,
it was a very fun and warm shoot locationラブラブ
I’m fill with feelings of gratitude yahハート









Once again everyone,
really thank you so much alwaysハートハートハート
After this too
Michishige Sayumi
Please give her your supportピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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