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2018-11-25 21:30:04
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A surprise announcement for everyone!!!!



Currently broadcasting 「Virtual Star is Born! VER. Award Ceremony 〜The Legend Begins〜」, Nicknamed Version Dot, please watch it right now!







youtube thumbnail
[tl note: thumbnail for Youtube video, please watch from her blog or Youtube]









At the Version Dot ending!
The song named 「???」
Producer: HIKKY
Songwriter: Inoue Yuuji Lyricist: Suzuki Nanako
Singer: Iikubo Haruna & Hanjou Todo


It’s playing!!







Well! This me!
I ended up singing the ending song for the showー!




A cute song sung about VR♡
I even got to sing together with Virtual Dot Cheering Party’s Hanjou Todo-chan!


With the maximum of cute voices I have in myself that I haven’t brought out until now!
The main part, and of course the harmony and words too! I’m singing a lot (*´꒳`*)
Inoue Yuuji-san made it with this image after listening to singing voice, it’s a song I’m thankful for so by all means please listen to it kay ♡!



I don’t know much of the details as a YouTuber but, I often watch Vtubers (*☻-☻*)
The Virtual Dot too, one of the four heavenly kings, Mirai Akari-chan participates as a judge〜!


Tonight too a new star will be born, I look forward to that♡











Yesterday, today was Hello!pro Cheki Even & Handshake Event〜!


Today was Osaka〜!



Everyone who came, thank you so much♡





Tomorrow is at last! The much awaited bus tour!


Let’s meet up at Kinugawa kay (*´◒`*)









This is a picture from Atami!


Everyone have you already gotten to see the currently released 「blt graph. vol.37」 huh??


『Idol’s Last Trip』 with that theme I went to Atami, and took shoots at the town and beach!


I got to take all kinds of pictures in Atami, even more, I got to do a 10,000 character interview too.




It’s fantastic pictures and outfits so, it’s a must see here too (^^)







I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on the ending song♡




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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