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2018-11-26 21:48:39
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday Fukumura, at Ikebukuro Sunshine
did Hello!Pro・Allstars Various Meet-upsEmoji


Everyone who participated
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


Hello!Pro events over 2 daysEmoji


The Cheki combinations
What kind of styles might be chosen??


It was the first time taking them with other group girls so
I was a little nervousEmoji




Kanatomo when the fans were coming,
let out a, 「A〜○○-san!」 so
Mizuki also remember these 2 days too!Emoji


Moreover our leave to us pose was unique…
?!?!?!?! was all we got, it was really very funnyEmojiEmoji



With Rinapu〜 we got to do her Delicious?! pose too
I talked with Kassaー about school
Yanamin & MomohimeEmoji spreading aroundEmoji
Ami-chan is the same as alwaysEmoji


It was funEmojiEmoji



At the group cheki, secretly from behind we were mischevousーEmoji
Going RikoRiko Happy Birthday〜
Going KimeEmoji and GyuEmoji
Making serious faces and doing silly poses


I laughed with everyoneーEmoji


It ended up being a different from usual lively chekiEmojiEmoji


For the handshake event too lots of you cameEmoji
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji


Mizuki also got to take pictures with lots of members yon
I’ll put them up steadily kayEmoji





Yesterday, I remember up to when I started writing the blog but…I ended up falling asleep…Emoji


The characters that were lift from that⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎





Rarayara、ru。、。、rararahara、 ha horaー、rabo、ya」ra、rarewararararayararararawara wo rara tachire ya rararatachirarararawara wo rarararawara wo reーru rarara、rawaーriーruruwararu wahoha rarirara wa
wo ru、herirawari




Just a lot of 「Ra」s !!Emoji
Mizuki, yesterday you didn’t update your blog! I knew it in the morning…Emoji


It seems like I haven’t fixed my jetlag still笑い泣き




I’m that kind of? Fukumura but


Today, it’s been 4 years since I’ve inherited the leader baton from Michishige Sayumi-sanEmoji


The months have passed fast huh…EmojiEmoji


The 「You’re Okay」 from Michishige-san
for Mizuki even now protects her heartEmoji





Mizuki has gotten to rely on others, and be determined
She’s gotten to show her core
with the members that are always near her


they say, that’s Fukuchan like
It’s because of all the fans always supporting me
From here on too, I’ll do my best in my Mizuki wayEmoji


From here on too please continue to support Morning Musume。Emoji




Hello!Radio「Fukumura no Heya」
Oda Sakura-chan Guest Episode is now distributing!
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here

Next guest
Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan has been scheduledEmoji
We’re accepting mail tooEmoji deadline is 11/29!
We’ll be waitingEmoji










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