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2018-11-28 13:51:17
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Today since the morning was shoots for magazine 「tulle」〜!!


That transcendently cute magazine that’s front cover has been adorn with Michishige Sayumi-san and Mogami Moga-san!


I got cute outfits and cute make-up, and the shoot was in a cute studio (*´꒳`*)
There was something scheduled after so it came out packed but, I was totally looking forward to today’s shoot so it was very, very fun♡


The release day, offshots, and details I’ll announce on another day kay (*´◒`*)







The bus tour up to yesterday, holding to the schedule’s flow once again Joujou Gundan’s Suzuki Keita-san wrote a blog with a lot of love for me…(´;ω;`)♡




Keita-san’s blog is here!






The 1st day, after the 3shot photoshoot meet we went to 「Tobu World Square」-san〜!



A theme with famous builds from all over the world and created elaborate world heritage!


Just going I got a taste of travel, to countries I want to go, I expanded my dreams☆












The surrounding scenery was pretty so up until the mountain completely it seems like one portrait doesn’t it!?




There, I, with Chiichan, ReiRei, and Keita-san, did a search game for a Sawayaka Gorou-san figure stand for some reason (^^)


I wondered if everyone found it〜??




I found it thanks to all the fans!
Yah that, I won’t say it’s cheating〜〜! lol












Lookie lookie, face panel board!


Chiichan’s great smile!!!!
cute \(//∇//)\




Here they sell lots of overseas snacks and products, I also bought a large amount of snacks (`・ω・´)Doyaa


I really splurged… I gotta do something about the wasteful habit… lol


I still haven’t eat up all the snacks but,
The Denmark orange peels and the dark chocolate cookies were really very good!


For the snacks I haven’t opened yet, I’m looking forward to them yah〜〜!





Next time I want to come and hang out again without rushing!





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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