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2018-12-17 12:00:49








Everyone Good Afternoon!
This is Iikubo Haruna who yesterday graduated from Morning Musume。’18.


Immediately from today, we’re starting this up!



It’s been one night since my graduation performance, and now I’m still in that sense of emptiness or rather, it feels inda FuwaFuwa fluffy but
From today I’m restarting solo!


I want to put my spirit into it!













My new artist picture is finished too!



From before I’ve been feeling like I’ve wanted to go do all kinds of challenges for myself but, number one I want to go and do dramas.


It’s work that has actresses I’ve admired since I was small.


I don’t have experience with dramas yet so, from here on I’m studying while gaining lots of experience!


My goal is, since I love manga, to appear in a manga piece!
And to play an evil woman!


For that alone without making a fuss I’ll do my best so I can be an actress that can perform in extensive kinds of roles.



And! My SNS have also opened!


Twitter Account→haruna__iikubo




Instagram Account→harunaiikubo_official





And I’m continuing with my WEAR too!






Fashion, hobbies and tastes, beauty, even deeper things about me, I feel like I want to deliver them all.


By all means please check things out here too (*´-`)


And, I also get to be a member of the M-line club too!
To get to stand in front of everyone having grown once again, I’m devoted to making that happen.


Well then, I’ll update later kay!












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